Why Adjustable Hair Scrunchies Are Here To Stay

Adjustable hair scrunchie for athletes.

Scrunchies were all the rage in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and have now made a comeback in a big way, both in the name of fashion and athletics and better than ever with adjustable hair scrunchies making their way into the market. Why are scrunchies so popular? Here are the top 5 reasons why the adjustable hair scrunchie (specifically the Strongband™️) is not going anywhere any time soon.

Reliable: Don’t Lose Focus

Never worry about losing your focus during a workout again. Strongband™️ is an adjustable hair scrunchie that can be tightened or loosened to your unique comfort. The strength is all up to the user of this athletic hairband. If you’re an athlete or a dancer, you know just how critical athletic hairbands are. You can’t have your hair falling out in the middle of a performance or getting in the way of your eyesight during an athletic event. With the Strongband™️ adjustable hair scrunchie, you can rest assured that your hair isn’t going anywhere, so you can keep your focus on what really matters.

Durable & Will Last Longer Than Any Elastic Hairband

Buy any Strongband™️ adjustable hair scrunchie and have it for years to come! We know that our scrunchies are solid and durable enough to live through whatever you put them through. Swim with them, run with them, dance with them, workout with them. The Strongband™ is the best scrunchie and athletic hairband out there. 


Pull and stretch all you want. These bad boys are here for the long haul. If you have long hair, curly hair or thick hair, we all know the annoyance of putting your hair up when you need it most only to have the elastic hairband snap during a loop. Hairstrong scrunchies were designed with this in mind so you’ll never face that disappointment, no matter your hair texture or hair length. 

Less-Damaging To Hair

Scrunchies are less damaging than elastic hair ties. This is because of the layer of buttery soft fabric that surrounds the hairband. The best scrunchies are the ones that secure your hair and eliminate any chance of causing hair damage or breakage.

Did you know that the dent in your hair after pulling out your hair elastics is actually hair damage? The tightness of the elastic hairband around the hair shaft slices through the hair. Leaving the outer layer of your hair frayed and broken. This is the reason why those baby hairs are not growing out, no matter how much you wear a messy bun or ponytail, it won’t grow due to damage. 

We promise you will see your hair health improve when you make the switch over to using Strongband™️ adjustable hair scrunchies. They are the best scrunchies for keeping your hair silky, shiny, and healthy!

Colourful Strongband™️ For Everyone

The Strongband™️ adjustable hair scrunchie comes in a wide range of colour options. We offer a lot of colours in all three sizes of the Strongband™️ as well as come out with seasonal colours a few times a year. Our wide selection of colours helps make Strongband™️ the perfect holiday stocking stuffer. There is a colour that everyone on your list will love if they have long hair.

Keep up with our Instagram page to hear about new colours as soon as they are announced or purchase through our links on our online store. SHOP HERE.   

woman with pink scrunchie on pony tail.

Luxurious & Versatile 

Another reason the Strongband™️ is the best scrunchie is how versatile it is. You can wear your favourite Strongband™️ adjustable hair scrunchie as an athletic hairband during your workout. Then turn around and model that same scrunchie in your hair to a holiday party or event. The buttery soft, luxurious fabric that the Strongband™️ adjustable hair scrunchie is made out of allows it to be dressed up or dressed down. Whatever you need it for, it can do! They also look great on your wrist as a hair accessory, ready to tie your hair up whenever you want.

woman with dark red scrunchie

The Strongband™️ adjustable hair scrunchies are the best scrunchies out there. We have sizes for all hair types and colours for all preferences. We promise you will love the Strongband™️ as must as we do thanks to all the reasons listed above. You will never go back to elastic hairbands ever again! Shop Hairstrong™️ products now and find the perfect scrunchie for you and grab a couple for your loved ones too!