A Thank You, New Prices, and Future Plans.

A Thank You, New Prices, and Future Plans.

Hello Everyone,

Hairstrong’s first blog post is dedicated to saying thank you to everyone who has supported us in some type of way. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to have the success that we did. We would also like to let you know about our future plans with the business!

In the beginning of November 2018, it was just an idea and in January 2019 we created a working prototype. By February 2019, we had registered the business and began searching for manufacturers. On May 22, 2019 we incorporated and became our own legal entity. On July 18, 2019, we launched sales and sold over $1,500 worth of Strongbands on the first day. Today, we’ve sold almost 700 strong bands to customers around the world and have done over $14,000 in sales. 

It’s time to scale up, and with the scale, we are happy to announce that we can afford tobring down the retail price from $24 to $16 for our Original size and $28 to $18 for our Extra Tough size. We are able to do this because of everyone’s support. For 2020, we are aiming to expand our reach into 10 other retail stores and sell at least 160 Strongbands per month. We’ll also have more colours coming chosen by our customers. Each time we are planning on releasing a new colour, we are going to let you vote on which colour you’d like to see next! 

None of these plans would be possible without the support from you. 

We’d like to thank our friends and family who have been there for us though the tough aspects of running a business. 

Additionally, we’d like to thank our customers, as for you, we wouldn’t have achieved the numbers that we did. 

Finally, we’d like to thank all of the entrepreneurs and programs that helped us gain the knowledge and resources to run Hairstrong. The Propel Entrepreneurship centre was an integral part of the reasons why we launched our product so fast. The Propel Incubator was an amazing experience that shaped the early stages of the business. After the Propel Incubator, the League of Innovators (LOI) national virtual incubator helped Hairstrong with holding us accountable and provided us with resources that continued the growth of our brand. 

We are excited for the future!


Nicole Baranowski

CEO & Founder Hairstrong Inc.