What size should I get?

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Our mission is to empower women to move and live on their own terms. Which means ensuring that YOU have the optimal equipment that fits you, period.

By now, you probably know that putting your hair up is almost second nature, but what doesn’t have to be second nature is the frustration and annoyance of when your hair gets in your face. 

You deserve a product that a) keeps your hair up, no matter what - so you can focus on crushing your goals. And b) fits you and only you. 

With the Strongband™️, you’re in charge of the size for whatever hairstyle you want. Want to do a tight pony? Loop it three times or loop it twice then tighten. For a loose bun? Loosen it and loop it twice without tightening. 

Whatever the style, we got you covered. 

We want to ensure that no matter what your hair type or density is, you would have the perfect product that fit you. Which is why we have 3 sizes. The Nano Tough (coming February 2021), The Original, and the Extra Tough. 

Strongband™️ Sizes

Each size was meant for a different hair type and density so that once you tighten it, you have a stable hold and that looks good. Not too bulky or not too small. 

Here’s how to measure your hair so that you can get the perfect Strongband™️ in two easy steps. You will need a piece of string and a measuring tape or a ruler

Step 1: Put your hair in ponytail and loop the string around your ponytail, hold onto the part where it creates a full loop

Step 2: put that piece of string onto a measuring tape or ruler and follow the measurements for your perfect Strongband™️

Nano Tough - less than 2.5 inches in circumference.

Original - less than 4 inches in circumference.

Extra Tough - more than 4 inches in circumference.

If you’re just on the line for these measures, we suggest to go for the smaller size. 

Each size is made for "optimal" hair characteristics but can be used in other ways as well.

If you like to wear a bun often for workouts and you fall into the larger end of the original size category, you might want an extra tough to give you that full stability that an original might not. 

If you have very dense hair and you don’t like to wear tight ponytails or you don't like scrunchies, you can wear the original for a more comfortable fit.

If you have very thick and dense hair and you want something not as visible or for everyday use, you can use the Nano Tough size for the ends of your braids. 

If you still need help deciding, email us at info@hairstrong.ca or through our contact page and we'll be happy to help you! 

Last edited: April 10th, 2021