About Us

Think back to the beginning of your athletic journey. You start a new sport, a new adventure, it’s exciting and fun. That learning curve was huge, but after it settled, you had to make the decision of whether this new endeavour was worth pursuing. No matter what age this process occurred for you, the drive to get better probably made the decision for you. Doing everything you can to get stronger, faster, and smarter

So how is Hairstrong related to your athletic journey? Hairstrong is a small start-up business in Ontario, Canada. It is run by a recent Western University Undergraduate and varsity rowing athlete, Nicole Baranowski.

She graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in kinesiology while specializing in sport management. She is continuing her studies with a Masters of Science degree in International business at Ivey Business school located on Western University's campus. Being a full-time student with a lot of extra commitments, it is important to her to be efficient, and she sees this company portray that same vision. Hairstrong got accepted in Western University's incubator program run by Propel in the summer of 2019. Hairstrong also won the 2019 people's choice award at the annual Seed Your Startup pitch competition held at Western University.

Hairstrong started in late 2018 trying to solve the problem of hair falling out during exercise. “I have experience of training for long hours along with a full post-secondary work load and part-time jobs. Every training session I had needed to be efficient; I had no extra time to make up for a bad training session because my hair could not cooperate. I was frustrated, I started dreading to train as I knew my hair would fail me. It got to the point where I would blame my hair as the problem. Then I started to realize, it’s not my hair, it’s the product.” -Nicole Baranowski

After this realization, the company was born. We quickly started designing a product that would prevent this problem during ANY workout routine.

We want to help you on that journey of becoming a better athlete. There are more women participating in sport than ever before, and we want to help every single one of them feel empowered. There is a battle between performance and the type of hairstyle you have to put your hair up. Have a hair tie that’s too loose and it will fall out during an important moment. Have your hair up too tight and it will give you a headache for the rest of the day. Put your hair in a pony tail and it the hair will be touching your back, stuck on your sweat, for your whole workout. Enough of these struggles. Hairstrong can help.

Be in Control. Use the world’s first customizable athletic scrunchie, the strongband. You decide how tight or lose you want your hair up. You choose the color and the size to match your outfit or mood. No need for 4 different elastics and 6 clips to keep your hair up as this strongband does the work of all of those products, combined.

Be Confident. You no longer have to worry about whether or not your hair tie will break or whether or not it will loosen during your workout. Hairstrong will give you the perfect tightness, every time.

Be Comfortable. No longer need to rush in 10 to 20 minutes of your time before your workout trying to perfect your braid so your hair isn’t flying everywhere. With this strongband, you can be comfortable without your hair on your back or flying everywhere by finally being able to secure it in a bun.

Whether you’re a professional athlete training for that next gold medal or a weekend warrior trying to find time to work out, our strongband takes care of your hair so that you can focus on your performance. Sign up at the bottom of our page for more information about our product launch dates, sales, and special events.

If you have any questions about our company, please email us at info@hairstrong.ca