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Hi, I’m Nicole! And as much as I founded Hairstrong for you, it found me.

I always thought my hair was the problem. I thought I had to choose between my desire to be a competitive athlete and my long hair. Regular elastics fell out or caused breakage, distracting from my performance in every workout to the point where I’d leave frustrated. I’m busy, appreciate efficiency, and want to give everything my allI don’t have time to play with my hair on the sidelines.


Can you relate?

Then there’s the pressure… as women, we’re expected to keep up with so many trends. Be thin, be thick, be strong, change your body to fit the box of the moment—what’s a girl to do with all those shoulds?


Instead of changing myself, I confronted the problem: hair products.


The competitive nature in me took to the challenge and now Hairstrong headways a movement to make women feel empowered. You deserve to feel confident in your looks and in your workout. You deserve to feel strong.


Before, I looked at my hair as an obstacle to overcome if I wanted to reach my goals instead of something that I love about myself. Since founding Hairstrong, I’ve stepped into a feeling of confidence that I didn’t know was possible. I want you to feel this too.

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You should feel empowered instead of limited by your looks. And you are capable of doing anything you want.


When you choose Hairstrong…

  • You choose to take control of your life.
  • You choose to meet challenges with confidence.
  • You choose to love yourself for who you are.


Hairstrong is for people like you and me.

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Quick facts/Accomplishments:

  • Undergraduate degree at Western in Kinesiology 2019
  • Master of Science degree at Ivey Business School 2021
  • Retired Varsity Rowing Athlete and Captain
  • Alumni at Incubator and Accelerator at Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Enactus National Student Entrepreneur Finalist 2021
  • 2020 MBA Ivey Business School Pitch Competition winner
  • Nominee for RBC's 30th & 31st Annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards 2022
  • Top Twenty in their Twenties Award Winner 2022
  • Finished first half-marathon in 2022
  • Personal best deadlift is 325# for 3 reps