Innovative hair maintenance for fitness.

The strongest hair tie for working out.

Stays in place comfortably for long hair during any movement without the hair damage.

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Imagine a daily hair routine that's effortlessly streamlined. Crafted for the long-haired individual on the go, our bands not only save you valuable time, they adapt to any hairstyle or movement. With the tightening feature, maintaining your preferred style is a breeze, offering you a hassle-free experience that allows you to focus on what matters most.

Every Move, Every Hairstyle: We are changing the way you put your hair up.

The viral, no slip,

adjustable band.

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How to tie a Strongband™️

Perfect the Hairstrong technique with our simple step-by-step guide. No slips—no opportunities missed

Designed for long hair

We’re in this together! Hairstrong™️’s founder, Nicole, knows what you need because she’s just like you.

Confidence in Every Twist - Real Stories of Hairstrong

Best hair ties I have every used and I’ve been using hair ties my entire life. I’ll never go back. My hair stays in a high bun all day and it doesn’t pull. I’ll be buying more asap! I will always support local female run businesses!

K.B. - Happy Loyal Customer

As a girl who not only has long, thick and plenty of hair. I never knew what it felt like to NOT adjust my ponytail during the day - let alone during a workout. I can now skip, run, and coach all without touching my ponytail throughout the day. We proudly sell it at our gym!

Laura Peynado - Gym Owner

Durable, comfortable, and has the ability to stay in place during INTENSE movement. A very reliable hair accessory for training and competing

Taylor Williamson - 7x CrossFit Games Athlete and 2x Champion