We offer the best hair tie/scrunchie for your hair

We use normal hair elastics and have taken them to the next level. We have made them adjustable in a cute scrunchie look. They can be used for athletics or everyday life. The Strongband is the most functional and innovative hair scrunchie on the market which can fit long curly hair, long thin hair, long straight hair, any type you can think of, really!

At Hairstrong...

we believe that women shouldn't feel limited in athletics, so we created the world's first adjustable athletic scrunchie. The Strongband was built to give you the power of how tight or loose you want the scrunchie; minimizing frustrations and optimizing empowerment.

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"I'm incredibly impressed with this hair tie! As an elite athlete, I want to know my hair will stay pulled back and out of my face with little hassle while training. This product exceeded my expectations and held my hair back in place well without it feeling too tight on my head. Being able to adjust it to my preferred tightness is a game changer."

Susanne Grainger - World Champion & Olympian

Whatever your sport, you need a Harstrong Band. I have very thick, long hair and this is the only elastic/scrunchie that will hold my hair in place, no movement at all and no need to fix it halfway through a workout. I purchased the "Extra Tough" band for my hair type/ If you are a CrossFit girl, it even goes as far as passing the Double Under challenge with flying colours. No more missing reps or taking up time fixing your hair ladies! This is a must have in your gym bad.

Nikki Merkley - Super Mom & CrossFitter