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World's Best Customizable Scrunchie


All Canadian Fair Trade

We are proud to say that our products are fully sourced and manufactured in Canada while meeting all Fair Trade requirements.

Kristen Bujnowski. Canadian National Team Bobsleigh Athlete

Kristen Bujnowski

Why We are different


Get the perfect tightness every time without having strands of hair fall out or having the band break at inconvenient times .


The strongband keeps your hair up so you don't have to. You have the power to choose how tight you want the strongband to go. 


Gets the job done the first time. Say goodbye to wasted time used to readjust your hair. 


"I'm incredibly impressed with this hair tie! As an elite athlete, I want to know my hair will stay pulled back and out of my face with little hassle while training. This product exceeded my expectations and held my hair back and in place well without it feeling too tight on my head. Being able to adjust it to my preferred tightness is a game changer”

Susanne Grainger (World Champion Medalist & Olympian)