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Hear about the start of Hairstrong and our scrunchie collection. Be inspired by our founder Nicole Baranowski, and learn all about the Strongband scrunchie through these great podcasts!

Whether you're an athlete, entrepreneur, or podcast enthusiast, we've got an episode for you.     

KINCAST - #29 Nicole Baranowski

Even Strength - Nicole Baranowski

The Weekly Call Ep. 37 Nicole Baranowski Interview

Can't Hang Podcast - Nicole Baranowski, The Strong and Strategic Self-Starter

Be Your Best Show - Ep 33. From Kinesiology to Entrepreneurship: Starting Hairstrong with Nicole Baranowski

Want to watch a short video interview instead? Check out these video interviews below!

Western Sport Management Interview Series: August 2021 - Talk with Western alumna Nicole Baranowski

Agent Dion Edwards Youtube Interview