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How to tie your Hairstrong scrunchie

This video below shows the Original and Extra Tough size, a video for the Nano Tough Strongband is coming soon.

The adjustable Hairstrong isn’t your average scrunchie. The locking mechanism holds the elastic, so you can trust your Hairstrong to stay in place no matter what you’re doing.

The clasp requires a specific technique to ensure optimal performance. Once it’s in, you can get to work… and you’ll never want to use a regular hair tie again.

Step 1: Release the clasp to create a wide enough diameter so you can loop the Hairstrong around your ponytail or bun twice.







Step 2: Find the clasp on the Hairstrong. Keep this on the outside of the loop as you twist it around your hair once, then twice.

Step 3: Pinch the clasp while pulling the visible elastic out. This will tighten the elastic.







Step 4: Hide the visible elastic by looping it around your pony once more or tucking it into the scrunchie fabric.

You’re done!









Pro tip: As you get the hang of it, you may want to pre-tighten the elastic to the desired tightness and simply loop it into your hair.

Congrats on taking control of your workouts! We hope you love the Hairstrong and feel proud of yourself for choosing to prioritize your goals.

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Last edited: January 8, 2021