The Best Gifts for any fitness lover for Valentine's Day 2022

The Best Gifts for any fitness lover for Valentine's Day 2022

The Best Gifts for any fitness lover for Valentine's Day 2022

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with that, might come the stress of picking out something that your loved one wants. Well, flower and chocolates are great and all but if you wanted to go a bit further and if your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife, loves to workout, than these 4 brands are for you.

We've partnered with The Matriarch, Ponyback, and Lift & Conquer to give you some amazing deals on their innovative products that are perfect for any fitness lover in your life. The best part? They're all Canadian 🇨🇦 !

The Matriarch - Designer Fitness Apparel

The Matriarch has designer apparel that brings out your core values and what YOU love about yourself. What does that mean? They have buttery soft leggings, sports bras, and tops that bring out YOUR best in whatever activity you want to do. Their apparel fits well in the best places and elevates confidence to crush any workout from HIIT to pilates to weight lifting.

Matching sets? They got that too. Get your loved one excited the next time they go to the gym with this coupon for 15% off! "Matriarch15"

Ponyback - The Ultimate Baseball Ponytail Hat

Ponyback sells the most hairstyle friendly ponyback hats. If your girl likes to wear hats while working out, you NEED to add this to her collection. The Ponyback hat uses a patent-pending technology on the magnetic closing on the back of the hat making it high bun and ponytail friendly.White Ponyback Hat

Ponyback has three different style baseball caps:

The Adventure Fit: structured front that's moisture wicking and made of recycled polyester.

The Everyday Fit: structured front made of cotton for casual wear

The Sporty Fit: unstructured front that's moisture wicking and made of recycled polyester.

The sporty or adventure fit would be perfect to wear to the gym or any outdoor activities! Use code "PB&HS15" for 15% off on their site!

Grey Ponyback HatRed Ponyback HatsBlack Ponyback Hat

Lift & Conquer - Fitness Accessories

Lift & Conquer created a community that encourages everyone to actually conquer their goals. With high-quality fitness accessories at affordable prices, anyone can reach their fitness goals with some tools from Lift & Conquer in their gym bag.

Lift & Conquer sells amazing glute bands for workouts, barbell pads for those heavy thrusters (yes every girl who wants a dump truck does these), and high-quality resistance bands.

That's not enough? They recently launched THE most comfortable and coziest matching sweat sets that can be worn to and from the gym, or as a reasonable pump cover.

Use code "HSLC15" for 15% off your order on their website.

black barbell pad for hip thrustersmatching gym sweat setblack and pink resistance bands for workouts

Hairstrong - An adjustable athletic scrunchie

Last but not least, Hairstrong. If your girl has long hair, loses hair ties, or has them snap on her all the time, she needs an upgrade. Hairstrong sells premium athletic adjustable scrunchies that keeps long hair up and out of the way so that you can focus on your workout.

adjustable athletic workout scrunchie for thick hairstyles

No more stopping mid-way through a set or exercise to readjust your hair for the 274927th time. With Hairstrong, you know you'll get the perfect snug fit every time you put it on without the damage or headaches that you usually get from hair ties.

Hairstrong offers 3 different sizes that accommodates for all hair types, textures, and lengths because hair is NOT one-size-fits-all. The Nano Tough for fine and delicate hair, The Original for thick and long hair, The Extra Tough for very thick and heavy hair.

Use code "HSVDAY15" for 15% off your order this Valentine's Day (Code Expires February 20th, 2022).

black, pink, blue, and beige best scrunchies for working outpink, rose, and lilac adjustable scrunchies for thick hairyellow adjustable scrunchies for workout hairstyles

Impressed by these fitness brands yet?

Canadian, high-quality, and innovative fitness products. These websites have thousands have positive reviews so you know their products can be trusted.

What more could you ask for? 😍

Psst, most of these brands offer payment terms so that you can spread out your payment over a few weeks instead of all at once. So you can splurge without the guilt.

Quick Gifting Tip:

You can create the ULTIMATE gift basket with an item from each of these brands to ensure your significant other has everything they need for the gym this Valentine's Day. With a confidence boosting matching apparel set from The Matriarch, a Ponyback hat to hide that hard working sweat, a barbell pad for those heavy thrusters from Lift & Conquer, and an adjustable scrunchie that keeps any hair up from Hairstrong. Your loved one will be covered from head to toe for the best experience at the gym.


*All photos on this blog were grabbed from the resceptive brands websites or instagram pages with their permission.

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