The Best Hair Ties For Your Kids

 Strongband™️ scrunchie being tied on a little girl in ballerina attire

Do you have little ones who participate in sports or run around all day long? If your kids have long hair, you probably know the struggle of brushing their hair, securing it in a hair tie, and keeping it in place all day long. This can be even harder with an athletic child attending different classes and sporting events each week. This is where the Strongband™️ scrunchie can come in handy. There is a reason Strongband™️ is the top scrunchie in Canada that athletes love!


Ballet intrusctor tying a Strongband™️ scrunchie in a child ballerina's hair

Hair Scrunchies For Child Athletes: Scrunchie vs Hair Tie 

Many parents have been relying on elastic hair ties to keep their kids' hair out of their faces. But your little one probably hates these hair ties. Usually, the elastics are super tight and pull on their hair and scalps causing kids to experience headaches, difficulty concentrating, or an itchy scalp. This can make hair styling a nightmare each morning for parents. 

The Strongband™️ is an excellent alternative for the average hair elastic. It is softer on children's fragile hairs while still being strong enough to keep their hair tied back, perfectly, all day long.

Our srunchies won’t snap like other elastics do and will remain comfortable for your child to wear all day long without even noticing. Below are some more benefits of the Strongband™️ scrunchie, solving the scrunchie vs hair tie (traditional elastic) debate once and for all.


The Strongband™️ will not let you down. Our scrunchies come equipped with an adjustable elastic. This allows you to secure the Strongband™️ as tight or loose as your child needs. Our scrunchies are the best hair accessory for dance class, gymnastics and soccer practice. You can tighten the elastic to make sure it goes nowhere without having to loop the hair band multiple, multiple times. Being able to loosen the scrunchie is excellent for children who easily get headaches.

You won't have to replace it! Unlike elastic hair ties, our adjustable scrunchies are made with the highest quality elastics and wrapped with luxurious sweat-wicking fabric. Our fabric is easy on the hair, just like silk scrunchies but has the added benefit of being sweat-wicking and not easily retaining a sweaty smell. Of course, you can always toss the Strongband™️ scrunchies in the washing machine with the rest of your child's laundry once it’s time to freshen up the smell. 

Child dancer wearing pink Strongband™️ scrunchie while stretching with her teacher


If your child is known to misplace things, attach their scrunchies to their backpack with our Hairstrong™️Carabiner!



No matter how much hair your kid has, the Strongband™️ is the perfect hair tie for all different textures and length. Your children probably loves the look and feel of silk scrunchies, but those don’t offer the same amount of hold and support. The Strongband™️ comes in so many different colours while providing the support their hair needs. So they can still love all the different colour options to choose from, while actually keeping their hair secure, and the headaches away!

The best part about Strongband™️ scrunchies is that it comes in three sizes—one perfect for every hair type, texture and length.

Nano Tough Strongband™️: Our smallest Strongband™️ that is perfect for thin and delicate hair. This size would be perfect for most children as they need something smaller and daintier. It is also fantastic to use at the ends of braids and half-up hairstyles.

Original Strongband™️: Our original sized Strongband™️ is excellent for children with thicker, curlier hair and teenagers with standard hair thickness. It is your average scrunchie size, so when you are unsure which size is best, you can't go wrong with the Original.

Extra Tough Strongband™️: Our XXL scrunchie is made specifically for very thick and curly hair. If your child has major curls or thick hair, this one can be an excellent option for them. The XXL scrunchie is great for holding up buns full of heavy hair.

Less Damaging

Elastic hair ties are highly damaging to the hair. They are slicing the hair shaft, causing breakage near the roots. Pulling a hair elastic in and out of the hair causes ripping and tearing every time that leads to damaged hair and split ends. 

Sometimes the whispies and fly aways are not just baby hairs but can actually be damaged hair. Scrunchies are the best hair ties to prevent damage due to the protective layer of fabric. Once you start using the Strongband™️ on your children, you will notice their hair health improve! 

Scrunchie Canada Strongband™️ is made for athletes, by an athlete, and made in Canada.  There is a perfect size and colour Strongband™️ for both you and your child athlete. 

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