Creating a Mindful Routine for High-Impact Women

women waking up starting morning routine and coffee

At Hairstrong, we believe that your morning routine is what sets you apart from others and is the key to a productive and successful day. There are many high-impact women, female leaders, mompreneurs and women-on-the-go who have built mindful routines into their mornings and day, however many still haven’t taken the plunge. Don’t let your long beautiful hair (or short hair) get in the way and stop you from starting an active mindful morning routine. We know some of you don’t know where to start even though you live an active lifestyle. Maybe you feel like you don’t have time or don’t feel capable enough to get ready on time AND perform a morning routine. (We know it sounds tough! But we’re here to help!) Keep reading because we at Hairstrong know implementing a morning routine is powerful. So get your scrunchie bun ready and let’s change the way you look at your day! 

Hair up, Head Down. Women are strong, women are bold, and women should feel capable of doing anything without their hair getting in the way. Curly, thick, thin, long—hair type doesn’t matter, your looks shouldn’t hold you back in fitness. We’re talking to all women! Women in power, women-on-the-go and women who live active lifestyles! If you’re thinking of starting a morning routine, but your hair gets in the way then a sports hair band like Hairstrong will keep your long hair ponytail in check!

5 Tips to starting a morning routine

  • Start small, and don’t add too much to your new morning routine at the beginning, so you can get used to it, and slowly build your routine into a new habit. 
  • Before bed tell yourself five positive affirmations and things you are grateful for.
  • Going to bed in a positive state of mind will help you wake up feeling great!
  • Get up at the same time every day and set enough time in the morning, so you aren’t rushing through your new routine.
  • When you wake up, leave some time for breath work and slowly transition into a morning meditation.
  • Always hydrate first thing, your body gets dehydrated throughout the night!

Here are some ways strong women like to start their day

  • Sip lemon water first thing in the morning to cleanse the body and boost energy levels.
  • Meditation as soon as you wake up (A guided meditation from Headspace, Spotify or from a favourite wellness influencer on Instagram).
  • Write down five things that you are grateful for.
  • Practicing mindfulness and gratitude by creating a daily list of affirmations and repeating the affirmations to start the day off positively.
  • Tying hair into a long hair ponytail and easing into a weight lifting workout 
  • Hot or cold shower, grab a coffee and go on a quick morning walk to start the day.
  • Set intentions and write down goals, challenges, and a success task list for the day.
    • If you want to start your day calmly we suggest trying meditation and adding a candle for ambiance. 
    • If your intention for the day is energy then doing a workout (yoga or strength training) in the morning will give you a boost of energy along with your morning coffee.

Benefits of Journaling and Meditation

Meditation and journaling have been proven to ease the mind, bring one clarity and lower stress levels. Both are amazing tools to begin your morning. They are low cost and have a large impact on boosting your mood throughout the day. Many women get overwhelmed with large to-do lists in their head, but writing the list down and journaling quickly gets your thoughts into words and allows you to have a place to recall your thoughts later in the day. 

Move your body 

Did you know that moving your body in the morning may be a better way to boost energy levels than drinking a cup of coffee!? You’ll boost your alertness, focus and cognition. Beyond feeling accomplished for working out and checking that off your to do list, the feel-good hormones produced after a workout will keep you feeling optimistic throughout the day. Plus more oxygen is sent to your brain and you kickstart your cardiovascular system which helps keep your energy levels up all day. 

Benefits of yoga in the AM

Yoga is not only great for an early morning workout, but stimulates mindfulness and starts your day off in a calm manner. The mix of slow movement, breathwork, deep stretches and balance encourage concentration, mindfulness and increase blood flow to warm up your muscles in the morning. After a yoga class, you feel at peace, reduction in muscle aches and pains, and are ready to tackle the day! If your long hair gets in the way during practice we suggest doing a quick scrunchie bun to kick start your day and feel confident throughout the entire workout! 

Benefits of weight lifting weights in the AM

Weight lifting is a phenomenal anaerobic exercise for women and lifting not only burns fat, but builds muscle strength and endurance without the appearance of looking “bulky.” Resistance training along with a healthy diet is an excellent way to build a lean muscular body and leaves you feeling accomplished and confident post-workout. The endorphins help boost morning moods and reduce levels of stress. If you notice your hair doesn’t seem to stay in place during resistance training, we suggest investing in high-quality hair products and that will save you time. Keep your hair in place without the damage of styling products (anti-frizz, hydrating serum, heat protecting spray), and invest in  high-quality hair scrunchies that keep your hair intact while you workout. 

Women-on-the-go, women in charge, mompreneurs and women of active lifestyles, it’s time to kickstart your day with a mindful morning routine that leaves you feeling refreshed, distressed and confident to tackle the day ahead. Whether you need a sports hair band to keep your hair in place, the trick to a tight scrunchie bun or tips to start a mindful morning routine, we have them all ready for you!