How Is A Regular Hair Tie Damaging My Hair?

Woman touching her hair

Many of us have probably heard from our stylist or noticed ourselves, that we have some hair damage or hair loss due to tying our hair up. What does damage from a hair tie look like, how does it happen, and how can we avoid it? In this blog, we dive deep into the dangers of a hair tie.

Elastics Are Ripping & Fraying Our Hair

A traditional ponytail elastic is actually damaging your hair every time you wear it. Many don’t even realize that their ponytail is the culprit causing years of damage as we tend to initially blame our heat tools or other hair care products. But the sad truth is, every time we wear an elastic ponytail our hair frays. 

Do you know that dent that shows up in our hair after wearing a ponytail? This is the point of most damage and breakage caused by the hair elastic. This is because the elastic cuts directly into the hair shaft as it is usually too tight. The worst part is that these elastics are causing damage right at the roots which can cause hair loss. 

Taking elastic hair ties out of our hair is causing damage as we are usually ripping them out too fast. Instead of pulling the elastic out all at once try to loosen the elastic one turn at a time. This might take more time, but it is less painful and causes less breakage in the hair. Shedding some hair is normal, but pulling a chunk of hair out every time you remove your elastic hair tie is not. 

Those baby hairs and wisps you can’t seem to get rid of? Well, they might actually be from your hair breaking off from years of using elastic hair ties… now that’s upsetting.

Women with thin or fine hair are being left with less, and women with thicker hair, longer hair are losing it to damage. No thanks, not anymore.

Stop Damaging Your Hair!

Hair elastics are evil hair destroyers who must be stopped. This is why we created the Hairstrong Strongband Scrunchies!

Strongband’s main goal is to not only produce the strongest, most reliable scrunchie out there, but we also want to reduce damage to women’s hair. Many women, particularly athletes, have their hair tied up every day. Now that’s a lot of potential damage. Here are a few reasons why you need to make the switch to Hairstrong Scrunchies:

Soft & Stretchy: Fabric Protecting Each Strand

We want our scrunchies to be able to hold our hair up with confidence. Most scrunchies fall out or become loose throughout the day or during a workout. This is why we knew we needed the strength of the elastic but also needed to reduce the damage it causes. To ensure that the elastic cord doesn’t damage your hair, we’ve added soft and stretchy fabric on the outside that stretches with the fabric. This extra layer of fabric reduces the elastics’ ability to rip through your hair.

Our fabric is stretchy, sweat-wicking and chlorine resistant, making it perfect for working out. We’ve picked some of the softest most luxurious fabrics for our scrunchies. Strongband’s fabric scrunchie offers similar benefits to silk scrunchies due to how soft they are on our hair. Not to mention silk scrunchies and Strongband scrunchies both look beautiful on our wrists as an accessory.

Adjustable For All Hair Types

We’ve added a clasp on our Strongband scrunchies that allow you to adjust how loose or tight you need the scrunchie to be. This is perfect for when you need extra hold during a sports game, marathon, bike ride, etc. But is also perfect for when you need less hold and just want your hair out of your face. For girls with curly hair, thick hair or long hair, being able to loosen your adjustable hair tie also reduces the odds of getting a headache.

Whether you have thin hair, thick hair, long hair or curly hair we have a scrunchie for you! Check out our Original Strongband or you can choose our Nano Tough Strongband for thin, delicate hair, or our Extra Tough Strongband for thicker hair. All of our scrunchies come in a wide variety of colours for every preference.

At Hairstrong we are passionate about keeping your hair healthy! We want you to be able to do anything and go anywhere without worrying about if your bun or ponytail will hold. Stop having to adjust your hair 80 times throughout the day and get yourself a Strongband! You will be joining thousands of other women who trust and use Strongband daily. Check out our Instagram page and shop our collection of Strongbands.