3 Hairstyles for 3 Different Size Scrunchies

Strongband scrunchies in 3 different colours

Getting tired of the same old look? Curious about scrunchie hairstyles? Our stylists at Hairstrong™  are here to save the day! There’s no need to wear your hair down every day, especially if you’re working out or on the go! Switch it up with a high pony, a short ponytail tuck with long hair, a ballerina bun, or a messy bun! Keep reading to learn how to style your hair and look amazing on the go, working from home or at the gym. 

Hairstyles and coloured scrunchies for any occasion 

High pony & how to do a short ponytail with long hair!

The no fuss, high ponytail is a go-to for strong women like you.  Especially if you have thick, heavy hair, your hair can weigh you down (literally!) But sometimes your hair just gets in the way and you need an easier way to keep it up. That’s why we suggest trying the short ponytail tuck!

Step 1: Put your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Only pull part of the hair through your Hairstrong scrunchie.

Step 3: Tie the hair into a loose floppy short ponytail! And you’re done!

short high pony tail with original strongband

The Classic Ballerina Bun

Whether you are a dancer or grew up with dance friends, you’ve definitely heard of the classic ballerina bun. This bun is no fuss, and keeps your hair out of your face and you in the action. We recommend using jumbo scrunchies like the Extra Strong Tough Band or the Original Strong Band scrunchie, so you can tighten the bun to your preference and have it stay in place during all your activities throughout the day. 

Step 1: Comb your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Start twisting your hair until it looks like a coiled rope. 

Step 3: Twist the hair into circles (loops) around the ponytail, until it’s secured into a tight bun.

Steph 4: Fasten and adjust the ballerina bun into place with a jumbo scrunchie in a fun colour to match your outfit of the day!  

ballerina bun with hairstrong scrunchie

The Go-To Messy Bun 

Every woman on the go knows the messy bun, for those bad hair days where your hair just needs to go up - but we know messy buns don’t always stay in place! That’s why we suggest choosing a scrunchie that fits your hair type density from thin to thick. The messy bun is the easiest of the three hairstyles. 

Step 1: Grab all your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Find your favourite coloured scrunchie. Pull your hair half way through the loop. Then wrap the band one, two or three times around your hair and twist to finish your messy bun.

Step 3: Adjust your messy bun tightness with the Strongband and secure it into place.

hairstrong messy bun

3 different sizes and a variety of fun colours. 

We know every strong woman was made differently and that is why we’ve developed multiple adjustable scrunchies to meet every woman’s hair needs. Each size is meant for a different hair type and density, so that once you tighten it, you have a stable hold. You’ll never have a hair tie that is too bulky, too small or doesn’t fit again. 

Plus, a scrunchie hair tie actually looks very stylish, and they come in so many different colours, to help match your outfit or mood of the day.  Hairstrong scrunchies are aesthetically pleasing and look beautiful in your hair Choose from fun colours like royal blue, hot pink, mint, sandy yellow or opt for contemporary classics like grey, black or white. Switch up scrunchie to match your look! 

Nano Tough

The mini, yet mighty hair scrunchie! You have thin hair, but you still need to keep your hair out of your face. The Nano Tough scrunchie will work perfectly for the hair styles above. 

Original Strongband 

Our original adjustable Strongband band works amazingly well to keep medium to thick in high pony tails, short tuck pony tails, messy bens, and ballerina buns. For women with curly hair and thicker hair, opt for the Strongband to tighten your ponytails or buns. 

Extra Tough Strongband 

Our most durable strong band for thick haired gals and curly haired women like you. The Extra Tough scrunchie actually keeps your beautiful locks in place, ballerina buns intact during practice and high ponytails in place during workouts. You’ll spend more time working out than adjusting your hair and no longer worry about scrunchie styles that might fall out of place. 

So what’s it going to be? Which hairstyle are you going to try next with your Strongband™️?  Browse jumbo scrunchie options here