Are Scrunchies Supportive Enough For Athletes?

Woman riding bike

We often hear people asking if our scrunchies are strong enough to hold and support their hair during a sporting event, workout, run, etc. The truth is, YES! But how? Let us explain the awesome technology we use in our Strongband scrunchies and why athletes love our hair ties for workouts, training and competition.

Why Our Scrunchies Are Perfect For Athletes

In an interview during the London 2012 Olympics gymnast Lindsey Green shares what she loves so much about the scrunchie, she maintains that it isn’t just aesthetic, but the function of the scrunchie. “They are so solid and you could literally do 100 back-flips and your hair would really not come out of the scrunchie. If your hair is in your face and you’re trying to balance on a beam you’ve got a big problem in front of you.” 

Forget what you heard about the scrunchie not being strong enough for athletes. The scrunchie can perfect hair ties for workouts and for athletes for so many reasons, here are just a few: 

Adjustable For All Hair Types

Our scrunchies are adjustable, so whether you have long hair, wavy hair or fine hair we have a scrunchie that will work for you! The elastic band on the inside of the scrunchie has a clasp that allows you to tighten or loosen the Strongband to the desired fit. Once you get your scrunchie and hair how you like it, tighten it up! Your hairstyle will be locked in all day. 

Run a marathon, tumble, bike, hit the gym, whatever you decide to participate in, you won't have to worry about your hair falling out and needing constant adjustments. Our Strongband scrunchies are as cute as silk scrunchies, but offer way more strength and the convenience of adjustable tension.

No matter your hair type, texture, or the amount of activity you partake in, we’ve got just the scrunchie for you! Our thick-haired girls can stop doubling up on elastics to keep their hair up, and our girls with thinner hair, fine hair can stop worrying about their hair ripping and fraying with traditional elastics. We truly have a style and size for all hair. Check out our Original Strongband or you can choose our Nano Tough Strongband for thin, delicate hair, or our Extra Tough Strongband for thicker hair. All of our scrunchies come in a wide variety of colours for every preference.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Stop buying packages of 100 hair elastics, or 10 traditional scrunchies at a time. With a Strongband scrunchie, you won’t need to be constantly replacing it. Our scrunchies are made to last you and won’t be quitting after the 3rd of 5th wear. 

The Strongband is healthier for your hair, your wallet and the environment! The fewer hair elastics out there the less damage they can do to our environment and stop ending up in our oceans. Just imagine how many hair ties you’ve lost in your life and multiple that number by a few million, maybe even billion… now that a lot of lost hair ties!

The fabric we make our scrunchies with is premium, stretchy and soft like silk scrunchies while being super easy on hair. Not to mention they come in so many fun colours. They are the perfect feeling on our hair as they glide effortlessly reducing damage, they also feel super soft on our wrists as a cute accessory. They feel similar to your favourite pair of leggings. Buttery and durable. This scrunchie will last you years! You can even toss them into the washer and dryer if they get sweaty after an intense workout.

Reducing Damage To Your Hair

That dent that shows up in our hair after we take out our elastic is the point of most damage and breakage caused by the hair elastic. This is because the elastic cuts directly into the hair shaft as it is usually too tight. The worst part is that these elastics are causing damage right at the roots which can cause hair loss. Those baby hairs and wisps might actually be damaged from your hair elastic. We have the perfect scrunchie and fit for long hair, thick hair, curly hair or thin hair so you can find your perfect Strongband scrunchie.

Athletes have their hair up almost all day every day for training, games and workouts. This is why we are so excited to be able to offer them our Strongband scrunchies. Athletes, and everyone who wants their hair out of their face, can rely on a Strongband. Stop sacrificing your hair health by using regular elastics and try out one of our Strongband’s. We know you’ll love them as much as we do.

Colour For Every Athlete

A lot of athletes have to wear specific outfits when they are participating in their sports and the rules at times can be a bit limiting to personal expression. Sports like gymnastics even limit athletes from wearing nail polish, having tattoos, etc. So being able to wear fun hair ties for workouts that are not only functional but fun and stylish sets you apart as an individual. 

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka wore Japan’s flag colours in her hair throughout the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with a white and red scrunchie. She not only looked fabulous but was honouring her home country and the host of the Olympics. A regular hair tie could never.

Get Your Hands On A Strongband

Hairstrong makes scrunchies that can withstand any activity you put them through. With our different-sized scrunchies and adjustable technology, every athlete can trust the Strongband to be their hair’s MVP. Not to mention there is a colour for every individual’s preference.

Stop having to adjust your hair multiple times during a workout, and an additional perk is that you will no longer be damaging your hair! Curly hair, long hair, thick hair, or fine hair, we have you covered and have a specific scrunchie perfect for you. By checking out our range of Strongband scrunchies you will be joining thousands of other women who trust and use Strongband daily. Check out our Instagram page and shop our collection of Strongbands.