Top Tips for Better Post Workout Hair

Top Tips for Better Post Workout Hair

Okay ladies, it is about time we figured out a better way to get fantastic post-work out hair! We’re in this one together! Whether you’re at soccer practice, HIIT class, barre, or any other type of fitness class, we know keeping your hair in tact is a struggle. It may be time to ditch the elastic hair ties that dent your hair post-workout, find scrunchies that are less damaging to your hair, and plan ahead before each gym session. Keep reading to learn tips to amazing hair post-workout. 

Plan ahead for fantastic post-workout hair 

Tip #1: Pack your gym bag with detangling essentials 

If you are showering at the gym you’ll need your detangling creams with you! Remember that your hair is at its weakest point when wet, so keep brushing to a minimum. Detangling products will help keep your curls loose and dry in place. 

Tip #2: Dry shampoo the hairdo

No time to wash your hair, no problem! Dry shampoo is a women’s best friend and a great hair product for after sports. Spray on the translucent powder, brush it in and go! Quick and easy as that! Perfect for a woman on the go like you! You’ve got places to go, but need to look your part too. 

Tip #3: Find a quality scrunchie

An easy swap for an elastic hair tie is fabric scrunchie like Hairstrong. You want to look for scrunchies that are durable just like your performance and can last your entire workout! You don’t have time to keep adjusting your hair, that gets in the way of your results! 

Tip #4: Wash your scrunchies

You wash your hair regularly, so why don’t you wash your hair scrunchies? They’ve likely accumulated as much dirt and oil as your hair and eventually need a cleaning! The less oil and bacteria that you transfer back to your hair, the cleaner and less oily your hair will be post-workout. Throw your scrunchie in the washer and thank us later!

Tip #5: Schedule your hair washing around your workouts

No one said you had to wash your hair everyday! It’s actually more damaging to wash your hair daily, it strips your hair of it’s natural oils and can make it dryer or even oiler! You don’t want that! Plan out your workouts for the week and schedule your hair showers around that. Some women like to body shower, but skip the hair wash, and that’s totally fine! Keep reading about low vs higher intensity classes and how they affect your hair too. 

Tip #6: Choose a low-intensity class

Here's the good news: You don't always have to wash your hair after sweating

Not every workout class will leave you dripping and sweating! Opt for low-intensity classes like pilates, yoga (not hot yoga! Hello frizzy hair!) Try a loose braid or a low ponytail. Since the intensity level is low you won’t have to shower after and can style your hair half up, brush it out or keep it in a braid. 

Tip #7: Braid or bun for medium intensity workout 

Chances are your hairline is going to sweat and your hair will get wet and sweaty, but you can minimize the damage! That is a sign of an amazing workout! Use a fabric scrunchie, so your hair doesn’t crease, and tie your hair up so it stays in place and away from your glistening face! 

Tip #8: Dry shampoo pre-workout

You heard it from here first! Dry shampoo doesn’t work on wet or sweaty hair, it will leave a cakey residue. So beat the oily rush and pre-dry shampoo your hair before your workout. Post-workout you’ll walk out with glistening hair! 

Tip #9: Use your natural salt water

So sweat is technically salty water. Natural salty hair spray! Consider your workout routine a gift for wavy post-workout hair. Now, not everyone can pull off this look, but if it works for you, go for it girl!

Keep your hair up no matter the workout

Tired of bumps and creases in your hair from hair elastics after you take your hair down post-gym session?

We have a solution! The adjustable Strongband scrunchie made of soft light fabric that doesn’t crease your hair or let it fall down during a workout! 

Post workout hairstyles 

Don’t feel like keeping your hair down after a workout? We get it! 

Why not try a ballerina bun, a half up half down pony, or a braid for a casual look. 

If you’re tying your hair up into a braid or a half-up style, we recommend using adjustable Nano Toughband scrunchies. These are the smallest of the three sizes and will keep your hair in place, and won’t damage or crease your hair! 

Browser adjustable fabric Hairstrong scrunchies to keep your hair healthy, in place and your post-workout hair looking fantastic!