You can keep your hair up all day

Women with dark brown hair in an olive scrunchie

Have you ever spent one day not worrying about putting up your hair?

The perfect hair tie for work, the gym, and ofcourse WFH life. 

Scratch that, it’s not a hair’s a strong band - the Strongband.

You’re so busy everyday. Some days you don’t even have enough time to eat, let alone fix your hair. 

You want to be so efficient. Maybe you want to get a workout in before work starts, but you contemplate how your hair is going to look or if you’re going to have time to shower before work. 

What if we told you that as soon as you put your hair up in the morning, it won’t come out until you take it down before going to sleep at night?

Since this company’s inception, we want to ensure that women with long hair get the most out of their day - without sacrificing their hair to do it. We’re not talking about cutting your hair off or putting a million hair ties in. We’re talking about upgrading your hair game with a revolutionizing product on the market - the Strongband. 

The reason why this can keep your hair up is for three reasons, the adjustability, the durability, and luxurious feel.


We are the ONLY scrunchie on the market that’s able to provide you with a perfect fit every single time you wear the Strongband because you can change it to whatever size you want. 

The clasp on the Strongband allows you to tighten or loosen the Strongband to the desired fit. When you push the toggle, you open the clasp, allowing the elastic to slide easily in and out. When you let go of the toggle, it locks in place, ensuring the elastic doesn’t move. 

scrunchie adjusting sizes
Pictured is the violet Original Strongband™️.

Think of your rain jacket, and how you sinch the coat at the bottom to prevent rain from coming through. Same concept but in your hair.


Don’t you ever question why companies sell hair ties in packs of 20 or 30 hair ties? Or when scrunchie companies sell in packs of 5 or 10 scrunchies? They know they’re not meant to last which is why they sell lots in a package. 

Hairstrong is quite the opposite. We KNOW that these will last you a long time which is why you only need one. We have lots of colours because everyone has a different favourite colour or different colour that they like to wear all the time - we wanted something for everyone. 

stretching out the strongband to show durable elastic.
Pictured is the extra tough royal blue Strongband™️.

We use a fortified cord to ensure maximum elasticity but maximum strength for a tight hold. To ensure that the cord doesn’t damage your hair, we’ve added soft and stretchy fabric on the outside that stretches with the fabric. The fabric is also sweat wicking and chlorine resistant - perfect for working out.

Luxurious feel

The Strongband is a premium product, which is why we wanted to make sure that it also feels amazing on your hair. We picked some of the softest fabric that stretches. So that not only does it last a long time, but it feels soft everytime you wear it in your hair or on your wrist. Think of how soft your favourite pair of leggings are, except in your Strongband. 

feeling soft fabric of Strongband
Pictured from left to right are the grey, grey sage, and espresso extra tough Strongbands™️


The fabric is delicate on your hair to balance out the toughness of the cord. A perfect balance between strong and soft, right at your fingertips. 

Last Edited: February 12th, 2021