10 reasons why you should ditch those generic hair ties

hair ties

Are hair ties bad for your hair?

So maybe you’ve just googled “what’s the best hair tie” or “why hair ties are bad for your hair” and found our website. 

Or maybe you actually found our website first and stumbled upon this blog post. Either way, we’re here to give you not one, not two, but 10 solid reasons as to why you should ditch those flimsy hair ties. 

You know the ones were talking about. The hair ties that are just a rubber band with some cotton on the outside. 

hair ties

Pictured: generic hair ties

Although they are sleek, convenient to buy, and not very expensive, these 10 reasons might change your perspective. 

1. They just don’t hold. 

We would love to hear of a time when you actually had your hair stay in one place for a long time without adjusting. How annoying is it to keep having to fix your hair because your pony sagged or your bun fell out. Pft. You know how much time you’d save if it just stayed up?

2. They slide out of thick hair.

Ask yourself or your fellow thick haired friends how many hair ties they use to keep their hair up for exercising or working all day? More likely than not, they’ll say more than 1. The added hair ties add even more pressure and stress on your hair and damage it even further. 

3. They have a short lifespan.

If we got a dime for everytime we either broke or lost an elastic we’d be millionaires. They’re ✨perfect✨ for 3-5 uses then, time to move onto the next one, right? But all of the other times you use it, it’s probably too loose and slides out, or it’s too tight and is uncomfortable. Once they stretch out completely...game over. 

4. They have limited sizing.

Yes you can loop the elastic but it never usually fits just right. You’re battling between 2 loops and it’s not being tight enough or 3 loops and it being too tight - or even worse, you’re on your way to loop it a third time and it snaps. How perfect would it be to loop 2.5 times?

5. They crease, kink, and dent your hair.

So you know when you take your hair down after having it in a ponytail and there’s A HUGE line of where the ponytail was. This crease is caused by the amount of pressure that’s in one spot of your head without any protection. Well, your hair and your scalp hate that. I’m sure you do to because now your hair looks weird down, so you opt to put it up again creating a bigger kink. THe cycle goes on until you finally decide to wash your hair. 

6. Not only do they crease...but they give you headaches.

The pressure from the hair ties kink AND give you a painful reminder that you’ve had your hair up all day. All that pressure and tightness in one area sucks and even though you vow never to keep your hair up for that long again...you can’t help it when you’re on the go from the minute you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

7. Worst part about the kinks and creases? They cause hair breakage.

That spot where you see the dent is all of the pressure you get from the elastic concentrated in one area. This is where your hair is pulled the most and actually causes hair breakage. You thought you were meant to have lots of baby hairs or wisps? Well some of that actually happens from how much your hair is pulled. YIKES

8. They pull out too much hair.

If you don’t have a lot of hair in the first place, this may as well be your worst nightmare. Seeing how many hairs a hair tie is taking with it every time you put your hair down. I don’t remember giving hair ties permission to do that. Yes shedding is normal and we usually shed naturally on a daily basis, but that does not mean that the hair being pulled out should add to that number.

9. Cute wrist accessory? Maybe not.

If you don’t wear jewellery, this might be the closest thing you wear to a bracelet, but is it worth it? When it’s too tight it cuts off some blood circulation and leaves an indent in your wrist. Could cause itching and a rash when that annoying part of the band that’s glued together starts rubbing against your skin. 

10. They’re SO not eco-friendly. 

Do you know where any of your broken hair ties end up? Or every hair tie you’ve ever lost? Imagine having one super good hair accessory (cough cough, like the Strongband) outlasting hundreds of generic hair ties. You’d save so much waste from going to landfills just from hair ties. 

What we're trying to say is...

Just because hair ties are very inexpensive, easily available and go with anything, doesn’t mean they’re the best for you or your hair. This can be compared to the argument of plastic packaging, ziplock bags, or shopping plastic bags. Just because they’re readily available and convenient to use, doesn’t mean they’re the best for you or for the world. 

Ultimately, what we’re trying to say is you don’t have to settle anymore. You don’t need to put up with crappy hair ties that never fit right. The Strongband addresses all of these issues and even has different sizes for you to choose from for your hair type. Imagine that? It’s like clothing sizes, but for your hair! 

scrunchie sizes

Join thousands of other women who trust and use Strongband on the daily by checking out our Instagram page or you can trust us for yourself and shop our collection of Strongbands

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re already looking for a change, and we’re here to give it to you. 

Crush your goals with your hair up - whenever you need it. 

The Hairstrong team


Last edited: February 11th, 2021

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    This is the best ever. Hair ties r really not good.
    What do u say about scrunchies though?

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