Hairstrong Socks🤩
Hairstrong Socks🤩
Hairstrong Socks🤩
Hairstrong Socks🤩

Hairstrong Socks🤩

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We designed a reliable and durable tool for your hair, but what about for your feet?

We wanted to do something cool and we truly believe that these can be your new favourite pair of socks!

We've partnered with the custom labs team at Outway to give you the best performance sock.

These socks come with compression, arch support, blister prevention, a seamless toe, AND sweat wicking fabric.

One size sock fits: Men 6-10, Women 7-12 

We're a very small amount of socks at first to see how well they do, if they do well, we'll order more in the future in more sizes!

Why Outway socks? Great question.

Similar to Hairstrong, Outway has created socks that stay in place all day. No more having to readjust or distracting you from what really matters.

The fabric that they use has moisture and sweat wicking capabilities to allow your foot to actually breathe and not overheat. Which means less sweaty feet.

The engineered design prevents the sock from moving around in your shoe which is absolutely key in blister and abrasion prevention.

These branded socks will elevate your sock game by 10.

PLUS these patterns are so cool, how can you not add them to your everyday routine?