The Best Canadian Scrunchies Every Woman Will Love

No matter how long, curly, damaged or silky your hair is, you need a hair tie that you can rely on. Our hair ties break on us time after time, get easily lost and are just not supportive enough. We decided that enough is enough and that it’s time to introduce a hair tie to the mix that women can rely on–giving them their hair freedom back!

Canadian female ballet dancers wearing Strongband™️ scrunchies. 

Reliable: A Hair Tie To Rely On

Are you sick and tired of your hair falling out of your hair tie during a workout, when you’re at the beach, running around town, and chasing after the kids? This is why we’ve come up with the perfect solution. The Strongband™️ is a scrunchie Canada and all of its long-haired citizens can rely on! 

With the Strongband’s™️ adjustable technology, women can adjust the tightness of their scrunchie hair tie as they please. Leave it looser at school or lounging around the house. Then tighten it up for your workouts and training sessions. 

Scrunchie vs hair tie is no longer a debate as the Strongband™️ scrunchies combine the best of both worlds. It uses the strongest elastic to tie nice and tightly around the hair and is also wrapped in sweat-wicking, luxuriously soft fabric.

haristrong pink scrunchies

Healthier For Our Hair

Speaking of sweat-wicking, luxuriously soft fabric…the Strongband’s™️ fabric make them the best hair ties to prevent damage. Traditional elastic hair ties are so tight that they slice right through the hair shaft. This causes breakage on the outside of your head, which is what creates those ‘baby hairs.’ Putting in and pulling out a hair elastic over and over is tearing and ripping the hair every time. 

If you’re looking for a scrunchie Canada has named the best hair ties to prevent damage, you’ve found them! With a Strongband™,️ you can grow your hair thick and long by preventing damage. Sports and hair, motherhood and hair, life and hair should no longer be at odds.

Solutions For All Hair Types

We love and celebrate how every Canadian woman is unique. No one hair tie will work the same for every hair length or texture. This is why we have designed the Strongband™️ in three different sizes.

Nano Tough Strongband™️ scrunchie for thin hair types

Nano Tough Strongband™️: This is our smallest Strongband™️ and is perfect for women with thin and delicate hair. It provides just as much hold as our other scrunchies, but without the extra bulk! Many thick-haired women also purchase the nano to hold the ends of their braids or for half-up hairstyles.

original strongband for all hair types

Original Tough Strongband™️: Our medium-sized hair tie is for normal to medium-thick hair. It is perfect for almost any hair type and texture, so you really can’t go wrong with the Original. It can hold the thickest hair and be gentle on fine hair.

 Extra Tough Strongband™️ scrunchie for thick hair

Extra Tough Strongband™️: Our XXL scrunchie is made specifically for women with crazy curls and extremely thick hair. Finally, a hair accessory solution that holds your hair up without using three hair elastics. 


Are you ready to find your perfect Strongband™️ scrunchie and ditch elastic hair ties forever? Join hundreds of Canadian women who have already gained their hair freedom back! Shop Strongband™️, the adjustable scrunchie Canada loves!