7 Reasons Strongband™️ Is Made For Outdoor Athletes

Outdoor athletes are often facing the elements such as rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays. These athletes need equipment that they can rely on to handle everything the great outdoors throws at them–this includes their hair accessories!

outdoor athlete on the water with hair in pony tail under helmet

Hairstrong’s™️ Strongband™️ hair ties are made for movement. No matter what type of activity you partake in during the different seasons, there is a perfect Strongband™️ scrunchie for for all your outdoor activities. Here are the top 7 reasons outdoor athletes will fall in love with the best scrunchies Canada has to offer: 

1- Strong

The Strongband™️ hair ties are not made with average elastics. The elastics we use in our scrunchies are extremely strong and adjustable in tightness. This elastic band will not snap and break on you no matter how much you tug and pull on them. The Strongband™️ is made to last and to avoid hair damage by having the elastic wrapped in a soft fabric. Strongband™️ hair ties are something that athletes can purchase as a part of their high-performance equipment when it comes to sports and hair.


The Strongband’s™️ are the best scrunchies for outdoor athletes because of how durable they are. They are the perfect scrunchie to take with you out in the elements, running a triathlon, hiking a mountain, or participating in an outdoor obstacle competition. They can handle the sun, dirt, water and wind without falling apart. You won't have to worry about the scrunchie getting damaged or breaking. If it gets dirty, as it probably will, just toss it right in the wash with the rest of your gear. The Strongband™️ scrunchies will be strong and unfazed for you to rely on, time and time again

3- Adjustable

The most unique thing about the Strongband™️ hair ties is that they are adjustable and the first of it’s kind to hit the market when it comes to hair ties and their funcationality. There is a clip attached to the elastic that allows you to loosen or tighten the elastic around the hair. This is great for women that are constantly on the move and are sick of regular hair ties not being supportive enough or snapping upon too many loops. Loosening a hair tie is also beneficial in an athlete's downtime to reduce tension headaches and unnecessary pulling.

No matter how thick or long your hair is, the adjustable band allows you to comfortably loop around into a pony and then to secure all of your hair in place with the adjustable band that comes out from the middle of the fabric. The unique adjustable band makes this hair tie the best scrunchie for all hair textures and lengths. 

3 female athlete's holding up 3 hairstrong scrunchies in 3 different colours

4- Prevents Damage

Strongband™️ scrunchies are not just for performance and hold. Since the Strongband™️ is a scrunchie it is also working to prevent hair damage. Tight elastic hair ties slice through the hair causing breakage and damage, particularly right where the elastic holds your bun or ponytail. This affects the overall health of your hair causing loads of baby hair and flyaways. Once you start using the best scrunchies Canada has to offer you will notice an improvement in your overall hair health. Female athletes no longer have to sacrifice the health of their hair in order to secure it.

5- Custom Sizes

The Strongband™️ comes in three different sizes! The Nano Tough Strongband™️ is for women with thin and delicate hair. It is less bulky but still offers the same amount of hold. The Original Strongband™️ is made for all hair types and women with medium to normal hair thickness. A great size option for those buying Strongband™️ as a gift for a friend or family member. And finally, we have our XXL scrunchies, the Extra Tough Strongband™️. This is the best scrunchie for women with super thick or curly hair. No longer will you have to use three elastic bands!

6- Sweat-Wicking

The fabric we use on our Strongband™️ scrunchies is perfect for outdoor athletes. It is as luxurious as silk scrunchies but is even better. Our fabric is sweat-wicking, reducing smell. It is also very easily cleaned and can be tossed right in the washing machine. YOu will never have to throw your scrunchie away ever again just because they got a little dirty or sweaty.

7- Improves Focus

The best thing about the Strongband™️ scrunchies is that they offer female athletes the freedom to stop worrying about their hair whilst working out. No longer worrying about your hair falling out of your hair tie relieves women of that stress. The fewer distractions athletes have the better they can focus on the task at hand. No more retying your hair during a run, a swim or a race ever again!

Ready to have hair freedom and enjoy your focus ? Shop the Strongband™️ collection!