Best Scrunchies for Workouts - that are adjustable

a yoga class of women with hair in a scrunchie messy bun or ponytail

If you have long hair, you’re probably used to readjusting and retying your ponytail holders during a workout and wondering if rubber bands will ever do the trick or starting your search for the best hair tie.

You might even be adding so many hair clips and bobby pins that result in headaches later in the day and extra time wasted while getting ready. But interrupting and re-tying your thick hair in the middle of sweaty workouts does not have to be the norm anymore! 

Strongband™️ scrunchies are specifically designed with athletes in mind. Women (and men) with long hair should no longer be distracted by creasing hair ties that fail them time and time again. Here’s how getting the slide proof elastics with an adjustable feature will change the athletic hair game.

Why Athletes Can Rely On Hairstrong in Sport

When athletes think about organic cotton hair ties, they think about how they cause breakage, slip, snag, but they thought these were the best hair ties until being introduced to these new slide proof elastics.

The Strongband™️ adjustable bands are designed to stay in place, keep your hair up, and look cute.

Adjustable Scrunchie

The seamless design of the Strongband™️ scrunchies is essential in avoiding breakage, pulling, slipping, and snagging. They are adjustable hair ties approved for super thick hair and thin hair. This is what makes them a great option to fasten any hair type to stay up during exercise. Many other products get stretched, crease, and snag.

Many don’t offer a lot of support for thicker hair, or cause tension and friction in delicate, fine hair. The best hair ties are the ones that are both gentle and strong to avoid tangles but are great at keeping stands in place for your workouts!

Hairstrong model

Just wrap the Strongband™️ around your preferred style and tighten it to the right size for your hair type and texture for the best support.

This is perfect for securing your hair when you’re active and wearing it up in a looser bun or ponytail on other occasions.

Reliable Scrunchie For High Impact Movement 

Strongband’s™️ are the perfect scrunchies for fitness because they are highly reliable during your favorite movement. Whether that’s dancing, running, yoga, or a HIIT workout. Strongband™️ scrunchies will not break or budge when you use them in your hair, unlike regular hair ties. The fabric and elastic we use for Strongband™️ hair ties give a reliable hold and will not be phased during high impact movements.

The bright color options will also help you keep track of your Strongband™️ hair tie. Even at the bottom of a black gym bag, your scrunchie will be visible and ready to match your outfit of the day.

Hairstrong application

No matter what type of activity you partake in, you will be able to use a Strongband™️ scrunchie in the colour and thickness of your choice. The adjustable feature is super convenient for dancers who want to take their hair up and down throughout rehearsal. It is also great for functional fitness, runners and triathletes who might be partaking in all sorts of exercises, some that might even involve the water.

Durable Scrunchie

Strongband™️ will be your new favorite hair product because they will not break on you. You will no longer have to purchase a pack of 50 hair ties to ensure you have enough bands. You will no longer have to struggle with hair ties snapping, falling, or yanking random hair strands when tying up your super thick hair.

The Strongband™️ is made from high-quality, sweat-wicking, soft fabric that glides over your hair without creases. The bands we use are more durable than almost any rubber tread you might see used on scrunchies. Our durable material allows for the Strongband™️ to be machine washable and can be used as any other piece of athletic equipment. Strongband’s™️ are more than just your average hair accessory.

Less Damaging Scrunchie

One of the coolest things about the Strongband is that they are way less damaging to your hair. Regular hair ties and hair elastics rip and pull at your hair. The tight elastic hair ties cut into your hair shaft and split hairs right in half every time you tie your hair up. This can cause hair breakage and loads of hair damage over the years. The fabric covering over the hair elastic aims to protect your hair reducing the damage that comes with putting your hair up.

Female athletes should no longer have to sacrifice the health or length of their hair to secure their hair when it’s tied back. Stop using three elastic hair ties to secure your hair into a tight pony, and switch over to an athlete’s dream hair tie, the Strongband™️ scrunchie.

Customizable Scrunchie

Everyone’s hair length, texture and thickness vary, with many women having different hair needs. We created three different Strongband’s™️ so that every women’s hair can feel loved and supported.

Nano Tough: The Nano Tough Strongband™️ is made for thin and fine hair types. It isn’t a thick as the other Strongband™️ scrunchies, feeling less bulky in the hair. This scrunchie size is also great for half-up hairstyles or at the end of braids!

Original: The Original Strongband™️ can be used by almost anyone and any hair type. It is the thickness of your average scrunchie so thick and thin-haired women can enjoy—the perfect size for holding up buns or tying around bouncy curls.

Extra Tough: The Extra Tough Strongband™️ is our XXL scrunchie explicitly made for thick hair. This XXL scrunchie has extra strength to hold and keep that thick head of hair tied back and out of your face. Thick-haired beauties will no longer need three hair ties to keep their hair in a ponytail or bun.

Customizable scrunchie

All of our Strongband™️ adjustable hair ties come in a wide variety of colours, with new colours being launched all the time. You can have a scrunchie colour for every day of the week!

Our colour range includes:

  • Black
  • Sand
  • Grey
  • Red 
  • Purple
  • White

To hear about the new colour and Strongband™️ scrunchie collection launches, head over to our Instagram page.

At Hairstrong™,️ we aim to give women back their hair freedom with the best scrunchies. Stop losing focus during a workout or putting up with hair ties that don’t properly secure your hair. Have long and healthy hair with Strongband™️ loop scrunchie while relying on it as an athlete.