How do I wash my Strongband?

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How do I wash my Strongband?

The Strongband is different than other scrunchies mainly because of how long it lasts and how much you love using it.

Because of these factors, you're going to want to wash it a bit more frequently than you normally would with hair accessories. 

Remember to wash the Hairstrong after every 7 uses, especially after sweaty workouts, so that you can wear it time and again, and it will look like new.

Washing instructions: Treat your scrunchie gentle! Hairstrongs are best washed by hand to preserve the quality of materials used.

We also recommend going into the shower with your Strongband after your exercise and wash it with you while you're in the shower.

Air hang to dry. 

We've had some customers put their strongband in the washing machine but we don't want to recommend this. Definitely don't put it in the dryer and definitely don't let bleach near your Strongband.

Last edited: January 8, 2020