How long will my Strongband last?

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How long will my Strongband last?

Since selling Hairstrong since July 2019. We've found that your Strongband should still work at this point if you got one then. 

Naturally, elastic stretches over time and ours is no different. However, what's special about the Strongband is that the clasp is there to continuously help you tighten the Strongband for the perfect fit. 

Even if the Strongband loosens over time, you can tighten the band so that it still keeps your hair up reliably time and time again. 

We aren't sure of the exact timeframe that it's supposed to last but we can say that it will work well every single time you use it. 

If you've experienced any defects or problems please contact us at with the subject line: "ORDER #(*insert your order number here*) - DEFECT". Please include a picture of the strongband and what the problem is. 

We will then get back to your as soon as possible. 

Still not sure about Hairstrong? Reach out to us at we'd love to give you some personalized advice

Last edited: January 8, 2020