Strongband™️ Is The Perfect Hair Tie For Runners

If you’re a runner, you know how important keeping your concentration can be and finding the right hair tie for athletes can sometimes be tougher than it might seem. Keeping a steady pace and focus can be the difference between your best and worst times. 

Now, if you’re a person with long hair, you know how unreliable elastic hair ties can be. They are constantly falling out or breaking with one too many loops. And when they are finally secure, it is probably because you are using two or three elastic hair ties simultaneously and avoid snapping due to the thickness of hair. This is super damaging to our hair, leads to headaches, and is damaging to the environment.

We have created the ULTIMATE hair tie for athletes for all these reasons—the Strongband™ scrunchie. Made in Canada as the first adjustable hair tie for athletes. 

athletic women runner with scunchie ponytail

Why Runners Love Strongband™️ Scrunchies

The Strongband™️ is adjustable. Breaking traditional hair tie bounds, the Strongband™️ scrunchie is adjustable to match how tight or loose you want your hair. Pinch the clasp pull to secure. Your Strongband™️ is there to make sure your hair goes nowhere. You will never have to readjust your hair during a run ever again.  

The Strongband™️ is dependable. The Strongband™️ is a hair accessory that you will be able to depend on for years to come. Unlike regular hair ties, the Strongband™️ adjustable scrunchie will not snap after one or two uses. It will not stretch out or break. These hair ties might even outlive you. They are that dependable.

The Strongband™️ reduces damage. Hair elastics cause a ton of damage to our hair every time we use them. They are so tight that they cut right through hair follicles, slicing hair strands in half. This is why we get ‘baby hair’ and fly away hairs when our hair is pulled up. Scrunchies like Strongband™️ are so much more gentle on hair, thanks to the protective layer of fabric.  

The Strongband™️ improves confidence. Our adjustable scrunchies are the perfect hair tie for athletes and runners because they secure the hair. You can enjoy the perfect hold without worrying about the integrity of your hair. When you’re a sprinter or marathon runner, the Strongband™️ has your back. They are tiny pieces of athletic equipment that give runners the confidence and focus they need to get the most out of their runs.


Your Hair, Your Personalized Strongband™️ 

Hairstrong™️ Strongband’s™️ comes in three unique sizes. No one’s hair is the same, so we ensured that there is a Strongband™️ to suit everyone. Curly, coily, straight, thin or thick hair - we got you covered.

women in running start position with hairstrong scunchie

Nano Tough Strongband™️: The Nano Tough adjustable scrunchie is made specifically for women with thin and fine hair. The Nano Tough is a bit smaller and less bulky than the other Strongband’s™️. This is great for reducing pulling and unnecessary weight on the hair. The Nano Tough Strongband™️ is also great for half-up styles and at the ends of braids.

Original Strongband™️: The Original Strongband™️ is made for all hair types. From thin hair to thick, straight to curly, the Original Strongband™️ can secure any length and hair texture. If you’re not sure which Strongband™️ might be the best for you, you can’t go wrong with the Original.

Extra Tough Strongband™️: The Extra Tough Strongband™️ is a hair tie for athletes with super thick hair. If you’re a runner with extremely dense, long or curly hair, you might opt for the Extra Tough. The Extra Tough is great when twirling the hair up into a bun and ensuring that it stays in place throughout the duration of a run.


3 hairstrong colourful scrunchies


All three of the Strongband™️ adjustable scrunchies come in various colours for every taste and style. You can have a different colour of Strongband™️ scrunchie every day of the week and mix and match with your favourite running attire! 

Strongband™️ adjustable scrunchies are a runner’s first choice in hair accessories, and we believe that you will love them too!