Unleash Your Stride with the Best Hair Ties for Running: Hairstrong’s Winning Lineup

best hair ties for running

How to Dial in your Focus on your Stride and not your Hair with Some of the Best Hair Ties for Running

What does running mean to you? To use it means freedom. A way to move your body on your terms and get some exercise in. But how can you enjoy your run if you’re constantly fixing your hair or fighting with your bun to stay up?

Not all hair was created equal which means not all hair ties should be either. A reliable and secure hair tie can be game changing at any running level you’re at. 

The Challenges of Running with Long Hair

The day to day maintenance of your hair is one thing but trying to keep it out of your face while running? Totally different beast.

Traditional hair ties, hair elastics, and rubber bands don’t offer a customized and secure hold for your hair or hairstyle which may lead to discomfort, breakage, or your hair simply coming undone.

Rubber bands alone don't have the ability to stay in one spot if there isn't a mechanism that keeps it in place (We know that people with heavy hair can definitely relate to trying to use 2-3 elastics to keep their hair in a basic pony).

Having to constantly stop and redo your hair while running is the last thing you want when accomplishing your goals or just trying to enjoy the run. Using a hairband that uniquely suits your hair type, length, and hairstyle is what we're here for.

The Hairstrong Difference

Since inception, Hairstrong’s been out to revolutionize the way people on-the-go keep their hair up. Hairstrong elevates the standard of what it means to keep your hair up by creating a top of the line product collection that gives you a reliable hold across the finish line.

If you're tired of your favorite hair tie not working well after a few uses you've come to the right place.

Each band is catered to runners’ specific needs which is why lots of runners have these hair ties as their top choice.

We created a unique spiral design combined with a toggle that gives you a high quality hold, reliably, over and over again.

best hair ties for running

Hairstrong’s Winning Lineup

The Nano Everyday Band. These bands are a runner’s dream come true especially for daily use. These sleek, no-slip, bands provide a secure and upgraded hold from your regular hair tie. These are a great option for ponytails and fine/thin hair for an all day wear. 

However, if you have thicker hair, you can still get a sturdier hold compared to a one-size-fits-all option. If you have thick hair and want something even stronger than our Tough Band is for you.

The Tough Band. The tough band was created for the thick and heavy hair in mind. This band has more fabric around the elastic offering more protection on your hair for the strong hold.

The toggle on the Tough Band is bigger, stronger, and provides extra grip than the Nano Band which keeps your hair in place, especially if you love wearing your hair in a bun (The caveat to this is, if you're someone who has very straight/fine hair, the extra fabric might cause extra slippage which in that case, we'd recommend the Nano size option instead).

The Silk Collection. The 100% mulberry silk collection was designed to combine functionality and elegance. This is the perfect hair tie for running errands. This band adds a luxury touch to any outfit with the reliability of a firm hold.

The best part? After you finally wind down after a long day, you can switch it up and add the silk one to your do. If you sleep with your hair up, the silk fabric pulls less on your hairline and reduces frizz so you don't wake up with bedhead. 

Choosing the Right Hair Tie for Running

Ultimately, this decision comes down to personal preference as everyone has their favorite hair tie that works for their hair type. Whether you have fine hair, thick hair, heavy hair, curly hair, thin hair, or anything in between - we give you the power of a customized fit that you're in control of.

However, our hair bands can offer that undeniable hold that a one-size-fits-all option just can’t compare to. Hairstrong’s product line offers different colors and sizes that best suit you and your hair needs.

The best part? You’re paying for performance and reliability - knowing that your hair band will work under any running speed. 

With Hairstrong you can focus on your run without any hair-related distractions. You can unleash your potential whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just starting out - Hairstrong’s got you and your hair covered.

Your running journey should be about empowerment and that includes feeling confident in what’s holding your hair up so it doesn’t hold you back from achieving your best. Say goodbye to hair troubles and elevate your running game with Hairstrong - the best hair ties for running.

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