What Is Your Hair Thickness?

What Is Your Hair Thickness?

Figuring Out Your Hair Thickness

Ever wondered how thick your hair is?

This blog post educates you on which hair thickness you have and which Strongband you should choose for the optimal fit.

Your hair thickness, density, and type is mainly based on genetics. 

Hair thickness is the size of each individual hair strand you have on your head. it is different from your hair's density because the density refers to how many strands you have on your head. 

The factors that determine hair thickness are:

- your hair colour

- your hair type 

- age

- genetics

- nutrition

Your hair density and thickness can determine the circumference of your ponytail. 

Here are the steps to measure out your ponytail:

1. Put your hair into a tight ponytail - as condensed as possible.

2. Take a cotton string around the circumference, mark the point where the string touches itself.

3. Put the string against a ruler or measuring tape.

Remember the measurement in inches. 

Thin hair is usually under 2 inches in circumference.

Medium hair is usually between 2 inches and 4 inches.

Thick hair is usually over 4 inches.

With our many customers who have already wore Hairstrong these are the general measurements you can use to help with your decision for which hairstrong is perfect for your ponytail.

Nano Tough - less than 2.5 inches circumference.

Original - less than 4 inches in circumference.

Extra Tough - more than 4 inches in circumference

If you’re just on the line for these measures, we suggest to go for the smaller size. 

Your hair thickness, along with your density, and hair type are the factors that help determine which Strongband is the perfect size for you because each size was made with your hair in mind.

The Extra Tough is made for very thick, dense, and Type 2-4 hair types.

The Original is made for thin/thick, medium-dense, and 1-4 hair types. 

The Nano Tough is made for thin, not dense, and 1-4 hair types. 

However, each size can be used for other hair types as well. If you like to wear a bun often for workouts and you fall into the original size category, you might want an extra tough to give you that full stability that an original might not. 

If you have very thick and dense hair and you want something not as visible or for everyday use, you can use the original or the nano tough for the ends of your braids. 

To read more about the different types of Strongbands, check out "What Size Should I Get?"

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Some information in this article was taken from http://makemyhairgrowfast.com/hair-care-tips/how-to-measure-thickness-of-hair/.

Last edited: February 23rd, 2021.



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