5 Different Ways To Style An Adjustable Scrunchie Hair Tie

Woman showing off her braided hairstyle and scrunchies outdoors.

If you are often wearing your hair tied back, then you might become bored of the traditional ponytail hairstyles. Our Strongband adjustable scrunchies are perfect for various hairstyles no matter the texture of your hair, as the different sizes make them extremely versatile. Reduce damage to your hair while still being able to get your hair tied up and out of your face. Here are some of our favourite fun, and stylish hairstyle examples that you can accomplish using our adjustable scrunchie hair ties.

The Bun

We love a good top knot around here! The bun is both stylish and functional. A bun is perfect for when you are out and about and need to have your hair out of your face. It is also a go-to hairstyle for many athletes. Once your hair is longer than shoulder-length even having it in a ponytail hairstyle can be distracting. You don’t need a long ponytail whipping you in the face during your run or workout.

Our favourite style of the bun is the messy bun. Wrap your hair around itself on the top of your head and simply and secure it by wrapping your Strongband adjustable scrunchie around the outside and tightening. Take a few pieces of loose hair out right in the front for the ‘effortless look’.


woman with pink scrunchie

The Half Pony

Often when describing our Strongband adjustable scrunchie we talk about how perfect it is for athletes during a workout. But there are times when we athletes also get dressed up and let our hair down! The half-up ponytail look is so cute and we thank Ariana Grande for bringing this hairstyle back into style. Scrunchies are the perfect hair tie for the half pony as it offers that retro-chic, and sleek look, while still getting your hair out of your face.

This is the perfect go-to hairstyle choice when it’s a bit windy and you don’t want your hair flying everywhere. It is also great for second or third-day hair after a wash. Hides any grease while being super cute and put-together. The perfect thing about the half pony is that it works with any length or thickness of hair. Long-haired and short-haired queens can all rock this style along with any hair texture.

The Braid

Braids are so versatile and always add a touch of feminine energy to a hairstyle. Braids can be particularly practical if you are often putting on or taking off a helmet for rock climbing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding and more! With ski season just around the corner now is the time to polish up your braiding skills.

One of our favourite braided hairstyles is doing one or two french (or dutch) braids then combining them into a ponytail hairstyle with our Strongband adjustable scrunchie. This leaves room for a helmet without destroying the hairstyle. Our Extra Tough or Original Strongbandwould work beautifully for ponytails or buns, while our Nano Tough Strongband is the perfect hair tie for when you want to secure the ends of two pigtails or double french braids. The Nano is smaller so will feel less bulky at the ends of your hair.

If you’re not the best at braiding check out our recent blog post all about perfecting different hairstyles for working out, How To Wear Your Hair At The Gym.