Why Scrunchie Hairbands Are The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

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The Christmas Season is fast approaching and it’s around the time many of us begin purchasing presents or putting our list together. It can be hard to find the perfect gift for every woman in your life and many of us just opt for a bunch of bath bombs and candles. But this year, consider gifting her something she can use every, single, day. Suited to her personality and hair type. No matter how thick or thin their hair is, Strongband has an adjustable hair tie available for her hair type and favourite colour! Perfect for athletes, or anyone looking to reduce damage to their hair. 

Why Scrunchies Are The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

If you’re wondering what small gifts to purchase for your loved ones that will both fit in a stocking and be something they actually love, you’ve come to the right place. Most women love silk scrunchies, colourful scrunchies, or XL scrunchies for all sorts of reasons. It can reduce tension headaches, it looks stylish on wrists and lets us live our 90s fantasy and they are just as durable as your regular hairband. Here are some additional reasons why you should gift everyone with long hair on your list a Strongband adjustable hair tie scrunchie.

Colourful Scrunchies

Our scrunchies come in a wide variety of colours. You can choose a different colour for everyone on your list. This makes them feel special as you hand-picked both the size of the scrunchie and the colour for them. Our original colour collection includes red, white, black, sand, grey and purple. We also have a seasonal Summer Colour Collection that includes hot pink, mint and royal blue scrunchies. As well as our Soft & String Collection that includes yellow, icy blue and lilac scrunchies.

Don’t wait as some colours will sell out before Christmas!

Supportive & Adjustable Scrunchies

The best thing about our scrunchies and the reason they are so popular is that they are adjustable hair ties! Adjustable scrunchies mean that the elastic band can be loosened or tightened as you prefer, without changing the amount of loops it takes to go around your hair. Most scrunchies out there are not adjustable, so often they are not tight enough to be supportive enough for athletes. But no more! With Strongband adjustable scrunchies you can choose from 3 different sizes that will perfectly fit your hair length and texture, and then be able to adjust the hairband as you need.

gif video showing how hairstrong scrunchie works

Protective Scrunchies

Do you have a lot of baby hairs and whispies? This might be hair damage caused directly by your hair ties. Hair elastics cut right into the hair shaft, basically slicing hair. This is why you see that dent in your hair after it’s been tied up with an elastic hairband. Adjustable scrunchies are the best way to help protect our hair from damage, while still being able to move, jump, and run without our hair falling out,


We want women to stop sacrificing the health of their hair in order to have it supported in an up hairstyle. Using 2 or 3 hairbands at once might help keep your hair from moving during a workout, but it is causing so much unnecessary damage. With Strongband adjustable hair ties you will receive the benefits of a silk scrunchie. You will begin noticing your hair growing longer, fewer baby hairs, and your overall hair health will begin improving. Time to ditch that generic hairband!

Durable Scrunchies

Strongband adjustable hair ties are made to last. Unlike regular elastic hair bands that snap after a few uses (we are looking at you thick and curly-haired friends) our scrunchies are strong. Strongband adjustable hair ties will also not stretch out the way some silk scrunchies might after a few uses. Our scrunchies are made with athletes in mind who need a hairband they can rely on to not distract them during a workout.

You might want a few different Strongband scrunchies for colour options, but you will no longer need to pack around backup headbands in case yours snaps. Strongband adjustable hair ties are made for performance. 

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Unsure which size scrunchie is right for you or for those on your Christmas list? Take our 60-second hair quiz to discover the perfect scrunchie for all different hair types.