The best adjustable scrunchie is in your hands, right now.

What you have is more than just a scrunchie and we want to show you why

(Psst. these videos are best watched in full screen).

On this page you'll find everything you need to know to get the most out of your Strongband from the very first use.

On this page:

💪 Why you'll love Hairstrong 

💪 How to use your Original or Extra Tough Strongband (Nano Tough Video coming soon)

💪 How to wear the Strongband on your wrist

💪 How to avoid losing your Strongband

💪 How to hide the black cord or toggle (coming soon)

Why you will love Hairstrong

There are many reasons why you'll love Hairstrong but because it might seem a little biased coming from us, check out our reviews. 

How to use your Strongband

If you have the Original or Extra Tough Size watch this video:


If you have the Nano Tough Size, we are currently working on uploading the perfect how-to video for you as it has a different toggle but it's the same idea as the Original or Extra Tough so if you want to watch the video above, you'll get the idea. 

How to wear your Strongband on your wrist

Yes, you can still wear the Storngband on your wrist as a cute accessory or just a way to make sure you always have us around to keep your hair up.

Before you put it on your wrist, tighten it to a comfortable size and then hide the cord in the grommet (shown in the video).

How to avoid losing your Strongband

We recommend clipping your Strongband on your everyday purse, backpack, waterbottle, or keychain with a carabiner. That way it can be with you at all times.

Have Other Questions?

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💪 How to wash your Strongband

💪 Why you might not like Hairstrong (Page will be uploaded SOON)

💪 Different hairstyles that can be with Hairstrong

💪 Reasons why Hairstrong has the best scrunchies for workouts

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