Hairstrong™️ Scrunchies Made For Athletes

If you’re an athlete with long hair needing to be tied up, you know the struggles of breaking hair elastics and finding a good balance when it comes to sports and hair. Hair elastics are just not cutting it anymore, especially for athletes who need to focus on their training and not worry about their hair.

Traditional hairbands and hair elastics snap and break after a few uses or one extra loop if you have thick hair, they easily get lost, and are super damaging to our hair, often causing breakage. If you’re getting as sick of your traditional hair elastics during your athletic training, sports games, or events, then it’s time for you to get your hands on your new favourite hairband, the Strongband™️ scrunchie made for athletes.

Strongband™️ loop scrunchies are adjustable, durable, reliable, colourful, and non-damaging. Once you go scrunchie, you never go back. “You should feel empowered instead of limited by your looks. And you are capable of doing anything you want.” - Founder, Nicole Baranowski

Strongbands™️ For Focus 

Athletes need to be able to focus on their craft and not their hair. Adjusting your hair from falling out of a typical hair elastic every 2 minutes is very distracting, and can even cause injuries for athletes. Losing concentration during a race, tennis match, or high intensity training session can cause severe injury and result in a slower pace and reaction time.

scrunchie for athletes


With a Strongband™️ adjustable loop scrunchie, you can adjust the tightness to your unique comfort and fit, ensuring that your hair stays tight and in place for the entire race, match, or murph session. Another significant aspect of the Strongband™️ scrunchie for athletes is that it will not snap, no matter how thick ot long your hair is. The Strongband™️ hair elastic is heavy-duty, covered in a soft and stretchy fabric, making it easier on our hair. 

These hairbands are extremely durable, so you can use them for years to come, and you can bet that they are available and reliable for every hair type and hair texture. Made with athletes in mind, our collection offers a variety of different sizes to uniquely suit your hair type. 

Hairstrong™️ Strongbands™️ For High Impact Performance

Athletes participating in high-impact activities like running, tennis, weight lifting, rowing, hiking and much more, need to rely on their hairband when reacting and moving their bodies in an intense manner. 

Tennis players are moving back and forth, diving for the ball and whipping their hair from side to side. Having your hair fly loose while in the middle of reaching for a ball could cost you vital points. The same goes for athletes. Not relying on your hairband when taking part in specific workouts and different activities could cost you essential points and could cause injury if your hair gets in the way of your eyesight.

Strongband™️ is here so that athletes can take back control of their hair! Female athletes should no longer struggle to find hair accessories that work for them. Strongband™️ adjustable scrunchies are made for high-impact athletes to wrap their hair up and forget about it. Never worry about how hard you can train without worrying about your hair during a workout again! 

purple stronband adjustable scrunchie

Hairstrong™️ Strongbands™️ For Hair

Using a hair elastic that is not supportive enough is the worst. But did you know that it is also causing an insane amount of damage to our hair?

Another one of the main reasons we created Strongband™️ hair scrunchies was to eliminate the damage that traditional hair elastics can cause. Baby hairs and wispy’s are often the result of hair damage. A traditional hair elastic is so tight around our hair that it begins to slice through the hair shaft. This tightness causes hair breakage and is why you see that dent in your hair after taking your ponytail down.  

Athletes should no longer have to sacrifice the health of their hair to secure their ponytail or hairstyle. Strongband™️ adjustable loop scrunchies can protect hair thanks to the layer of fabric covering the hairband. This prevents the hair elastic from being too tight around the hair, causing damage. Athletes will now be able to enjoy healthier, stronger, and longer hair!

athletic women with blue scrunchie

Find Your Perfect Strongband™️

Hairstrong™️ Strongbands™️ come in three different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every woman. Strongbands™️ also come in a wide variety of colours allowing you to collect them and mix and match them to your different athletic attire.

Unsure which size of Strongband™️ would be right for you? Check out our hair quiz.