2022 Holiday GIft Guide from 10 Amazing Canadian Companies

2022 Holiday GIft Guide from 10 Amazing Canadian Companies

We know we’re not for everyone (especially those who don’t have enough hair to put back) which is why we’ve made this gift guide to give you other options. 

The best part is that this list only features Canadian businesses.

Every business here has products that touch different aspects of health, wellness, or performance, and we truly believe that there’s something in here for you. 

List of businesses you'll see featured: HairstrongThe Toe Spacer, ThirdzyExertZenteinReborn Club Co.by StacyOutwayBroDough, and Hush

Hairstrong Adjustable Silk Scrunchies

We’ve designed one of the most reliable scrunchies that keeps your hair up in a secure hairstyle without feeling tight. We’ve launched with the idea of fitness in mind, but what about in the times of your life where you are not doing fitness? The Nano Tough Strongband is perfect for everyday, casual wear for any hair type, but what we really wanted to share with you is our brand new product line of adjustable silk scrunchies

Each band is hand crafted by the most luxurious mulberry silk to further reduce hair creases and damage. Designed with world-renowned, award-winning hair stylist, Heather Wenman. In collaboration together, we’ve curated a sleek silk design in two different scrunchie sizes. Each can be worn up to a fancy event or to put your hair up while you go to sleep. Either way, for any silk lovers out there, this is your chance to check them out. Launching online December 14th, 2022.

3 big silk adjustable scrunchies

The Toe Spacer

We spend SO much time with our feet in our shoes, so much that we actually see our natural foot shape change to the shoes that we’ve been wearing. Imagine wrapping our hands in the same way, how different they’d look! Your toes and feet don’t even get a chance to spread out and move. 

You’re probably wondering why this matters. For long-term health, the alignment of your toes affects everything above it aka your whole body. Misalignment of your toes leads to so many issues and problems which is why the Toe Spacer was invented! The Toe Spacer helps relieve any current foot pain, stretches your foot muscles, reliaigns your toes, and helps common foot injuries. 

Know someone that can benefit from a product like this? You can use the code “HAIRSTRONG” for 10% off your purchase for any of their products. 

Rock mat and toe spacers


If you’re constantly tired, all you want to do is get more sleep. But as you probably know, more sleep doesn't necessarily mean more energy. What if you could make the sleep that you do get more effective and you could wake up more energized without wanting 9 cups of coffee to get through the day. 

Thirdzy to the rescue. Thirdzy has developed a collagen-based formula that gives you quality rest while your joints and muscles are actively repairing. Made with all-natural ingredients and free of melatonin, the PM Recovery Collagen supplement supports a better quality sleep while helping you feel refreshed in the morning and energized throughout the day. 

thirdzy performance collagen sleep powder

eXert Nutrition

Living a fast-paced on the go lifestyle trying to also make time for fitness and healthy eating is super hard. What makes healthy eating even harder is when you have dietary restrictions and foods that don’t always agree with your body like gluten, oats, or lactose.

eXert enters the chat. With a goal of having something delicious that can be consumed at any point without the worry of inflammatory ingredients, they’ve developed a delicious energy bar recipe that has healthy but simple ingredients. Trusted by many CrossFit athletes, we’re certain that eXert energy bars will make a regular appearance in your diet. Try out their maple walnut bar.

exert nutrition protein bar

Zentein Nutrition

Another awesome tasting energy bar that's filled with collagen. Made with 5 quality ingredients and 25 grams of protein per bar, Zentein can easily supplement your nutrition and performance goals on the go. 

Handmade and packed in London, Ontario, Zentein energy bar is perfect for those who absolutely love peanut butter, belgian chocolate, and getting in lots of protein #gains. Try out Zentein’s energy bars this holiday season. Use code "Hairstrong" for $10 off your order!!

zentein nutrition protein peanut butter bar

Reborn Club co.

Last but not least, we thought to introduce you to (if you don’t already know of), some of the cutest sweat sets and beanies out there with the nicest messages around self-growth, love, and confidence. All of their apparel has branding and messaging that helps you on your betterment journey, whatever that looks like for you in your life. 

Reborn Club inspires you to grow, step outside your comfort zone, and become a better you. Each collection they launch focuses on a different theme and messaging that resonates with the stage of life that you’re in. Messages that vary from “rooting for you” and “I’m so grateful for you” can be seen on the apparel and act as little reminders that there are always people in your corner cheering you on. 


A solo female founded company that works to inspire and motivate you to be your highest and healthiest self. Stacy started her company during the pandemic while finishing school, and wanted to help bring simplicity and consistency into everyone’s daily life.

by STACY offers multiple wellbeing products such as gua sha stones and your personal at home cupping kit! The cupping kit is perfect for improving blood flow and recovery to your muscles. Use code “HAIRSTRONG” to get 10% off your order.

by stacy instagram page


So another underrated part of your everyday wear are your socks. When you find a good brand of socks, all others just don’t feel the same. This is the way we feel about Outway socks. Their compression prevents the socks from falling down or scrunching so you can focus on  your performance. Their breathable fabric helps maintain ideal temperature so your feet don’t oversweat. And lastly, their designed arch supports prevents your socks from moving around inn your shoes - goodbye blisters.

They launch new designs each month, have different sock heights, and have thousands of positive reviews from happy customers. Fun fact: They also faced the Dragon’s on Dragon’s Den in season 13.

outway crew socks purple octopus design


Imagine feeling good about eating an entire jar of cookie dough. Well, with BroDough’s nutritional facts, that can become reality. Erica Rankin started BroDough as a way to bring a healthier alternative of cookie dough to the market, the best part? It’s edible without even needing to be cooked.

Treat yo’self with BroDough in retail stores near you or order online through their website!

bro dough edible cookie dough


Another sleep product on the list but that’s because you spend ⅓ of your life sleeping, so why shouldn’t it be the best sleep you can get? Hush launched with a weighted blanket to help reduce stress, anxiety, and help you fall asleep faster. 

After being one of the only companies ever on Dragon’s Den to have all the Dragon’s fighting for a deal, they’ve been able to grow into a full blown product line with pillows, bed sheets, and even mattresses. They’ve been able to help over 90,000 customers sleep faster and better. 

hugh weighted blanket instagram