How to reduce hair creasing or denting

How to avoid creasing your hair

The best way to eliminate creasing is to keep our hair down (unless you're going to sleep but that's another story), but if you have long hair you know it's not always practical. It's no secret that people with long hair need ways to keep their hair back so it doesn't get in the way. It's frustrating, distracting, and even unsafe when your vision get blocked or your hair gets in the way of your tasks.

Obviously you'll need your hair up and when you do, here are 4 recommended ways to avoid denting your hair when you need to put it up.

1) Use a soft material for your hair.

Scrunchies, silk or other, claw clips, and scarves are gentle accessories you can use to keep your hair up. We tend to avoid regular hair ties or elastics because the pressure is concentrated in one area that pulls tight on your hair line and bends your hair. Hairstrong scrunchies were made with a gentle and breathable fabric to help disperse the pressure from the elastic so you can avoid the creasing.

2) Avoid tight hairstyles, but when you need them, give your hair a break.

Pulling your hair too tight causes the pressure to be very centralized and without enough protection from the pressure, your hair will not only dent but might also cause headaches. Obviously, that's easy to say for someone that doesn't need their hair up to be secure but sometimes you do need to keep it up a bit tighter in order to feel secure. With Hairstrong scrunchies, you can adjust the size to a tight fit for your workout or work day and then loosen it for when you don't need it as tight. The soft fabric around our fortified bungee cord gives your hair more protection for when you need it tight.

3) Don't yank your elastic out.

Regular hair ties usually yank some hair out because they get tangled around the elastic. When taking out anything from your hair, be gentle. Even if you don't have a sensitive scalp, pulling on your hair line can cause damage. With Hairstrong, you can loosen the fit before taking it out so that you don't have to yank anything out you just have to loosen the grip and slide out the scrunchie without any yanking.

4) Try out low and loose hairstyles.

If you need a tight hairstyle, try out a low bun or ponytail to keep less pressure and weight on your hairline and hair. If you don't need your hair back super tight, then a loose hairstyle might do the trick as well. Hairstrong scrunchies can be adjusted to the right size tight or loose, to meet you and your hair needs.

Keep your hair healthy by paying attention to it.

Everyone's hair type is very different and will have different affects to different hairstyles, the key is knowing what works best for your hair. When does it crease? When does it look damaged? What caused it? Can that action be avoided?

By following these simple tips, you can avoid creasing your hair and keep it looking its best. Do you have any tips to avoid creasing your hair? Share them with us in the comments below!

What are some of your favourite hairstyles that don't require you to put your hair up? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our other blog post on how to style long hair for more inspiration.

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Last edited October 4, 2022