The Best Hair Accessory For Dancers

 Four dancers of different ages.

Dancers are spinning, whipping, and flinging their hair all around during a performance and finding just the right hair accessory can be crucial. One of the essential parts of a dancer's attire is their dance hair accessories and hairstyles depending on the genre of dance. Dancers need to rely on their athletic hairbands to stay in place and often times also is required to complete their stage look. Nothing is more distracting than hair coming loose during a dance practice or not staying perfectly in place during a performance. 

Why Strongbands Are The Best Scrunchies and Hair Accessory

Why should you ditch the traditional elastic hair tie? Elastics have been the go-to athletic hairband for decades. But there is a better way and new look in town when it comes to sports and hair! The Strongband™️ athletic hairband is the best scrunchie and dance hair accessory out there. Here's why:

Reliable & Durable

Are you constantly losing your hair elastics? Or maybe they keep snapping? It's crazy how fast a 50 pack of elastics goes down to 1 so quickly. If you're looking for a durable and reliable athletic hairband or dance hair accessory, then you will love the Strongband™️ scrunchies. 

They're made out of high-quality elastics and fabric coverings that we know will last you a long time and NOT damage your hair or cause headaches. Grab one of your favourite Strongband™️ scrunchie sizes and colour, and it will be your go-to dance hair accessory. The adjustable elastic allows you to make the scrunchie tighter or looser for a more comfortable and supportive fit tailored to your unique comfort.  Strongband™️ is the best scrunchie that you can rely on throughout your dance classes and performances.

woman dancing with pony tail.

Scrunchies Will Not Damage Hair

Many dancers do not like sacrificing the health of their hair to accommodate for a dance accessory, but often they don't have a choice. For years elastic band hair ties were some of the most supportive options, with dancers doubling or tripling up hair ties to ensure support. However, you can eliminate damaging your hair with those tight, rough elastic bands with the best scrunchies. 


The elastic bands are so tight around the hair shaft they can cut right through, causing wispy baby hairs and that dent in your hair. If you wear your hair up in the same style every time you dance, you might notice the location of the hair elastic is prone to damage and breakage. With a Strongband™️ scrunchie, you are protecting your hair with a layer of luxurious fabrics. Like other silk scrunchies, you are adding a layer of protection. Strongband™️ takes scrunchies one step further with the adjustability and our different size options.

Feel free to pull your hair in and out of the Strongband™️ scrunchie as many times as you'd like without risking pulling and breaking your hair. It is a great dance accessory for those who love to have their hair up or down for different parts of their dance class.

Stylish & Colorful For All Ages 

Here at Hairstrong ™️, we are constantly dreaming up new colour combinations and hair innovations. We typically launch seasonal colours throughout the year in combination with our base collection of colours available year-round. No matter what type of dancer you are, there is the perfect Strongband™️ scrunchie for you. These are the best scrunchies for all different hair types as we offer them in 3 different sizes offering the best support for any type of hair bun, ponytail, braids or other dance hairstyles.