How to Prevent Damage to Your Hair

Women with hair damage

A busy and athletic lifestyle often means putting your hair up and getting things done, but without a doubt your gorgeous locks get damaged in the process. Toxic products, heat or generic hair ties and elastic bands damage hair and many women like you are left with unhealthy hair. Let’s be real, haven’t you slept with a hair tie on your wrist and woke up with a swollen hand? It’s the worst, but there’s a solution called Hairstrong adjustable scrunchies. (psst the only adjustable scrunchies in the world!) Keep reading to learn about the only Canadian-made hair band that will keep your hair up all day without damaging it!

Prevent damaged hair with Hairstong adjustable tightness

Recently on the Hairstrong blog, we covered not one but ten reasons why generic hair ties are bad for your hair, you can read it here! Some of the reasons included imperfect hair tie sizing that doesn’t let you loop that extra half loop. Most hair bands crease and dent your hair, leaving your hair looking funky after you take your ponytail out, plus every woman can relate to getting headaches from the pressure and tightness of putting their hair up. So there are many bad quality hair ties out there, but there must be hair ties to prevent damage right? That’s why founder and competitive athlete Nicole created Headstrong for you!  She needed to find a solution to keep her hair up and keep moving through anything. No readjusting; no wasted time… just crushing goals one at a time. 

So how to tie your hair without damaging it?

Is it even possible to tie your hair without damaging it? It sure is! Keep reading!

Tip One: Never tie up wet hair! It’s the weakest when it’s damp and prone to more breakage.

Tip Two: Use fabric hair ties or scrunchies! Using fabric ties or adjustable scrunchies leave your hair without dents and creases after you take down your ponytail. Plus they are gentler on your hair. They have no metal band or tight elastic on them to damage your hair. 

Tip Three: Don’t pull your hair too tightly! Be careful how tight you pull your hair back into a ponytail. The hair along your hairline is the weakest, and pulling too tightly can break hair. 

Tip Four: Don’t tie your hair too tightly! Regular hair ties are known to not be the right size for most women’s ponytails and women end up tying their hair too tight which pulls on the hair from the crown, leads to headaches and damages the hair. (That’s why an adjustable hairband gets rid of this problem!) 

Three Best Types of Hair Ties to Prevent Hair Damage

Meet the Trio of Hairstrong Sports Scrunchies for Women-on-the-go

No more hurting or swollen wrist and hands from having an elastic on your wrist all day. Hairstrong scrunchies allow you to adjust the comfort of tightness to prevent pain in both your head and wrist for all-day use and accessibility! Plus you’ll be fixing your hair less, lifting more reps, and get to choose from a variety of bright colours for your fine hair. 

Nano Tough 

Meet the Nano Tough scrunchie. It’s made for women with fine, thin delicate hair and hair types 1-4. It can also be used to tie ends of braids! (This means even if you have denser hair, you may choose the Nano Tough for tying your braids.)

Original Strongband 

Meet the Original Strongband. This high quality scrunchie was created for women with medium-dense hair, thin/thick hair and for hair types 1-4. You can also use this scrunchie for a messy bun and use the Extra Tough Strongband for more ponytail stability. 

Extra Tough Strongband

Meet the Extra Tough Strongband. Thick haired gals and curly haired gals, this is the scrunchie for you! Finally, women with dense hair and hair types 2-4 have a scrunchie that keeps your hair in place! The Tough Storngband is known for its stability and even stays up during those high intensity workouts! You’ll drastically reduce the time readjusting your hair during workouts and you’ll finally have a hair band that fits your gorgeous locks!

Depending on the density, thickness or type of hair, there is a Strongband for you, as we created these hair scrunchies with all the hair types in mind! All Strongbands come in multiple colours neutral to bright, so depending on your hair needs, we have the colour and type for you! Want to learn about the different types of Strongbands? Read our guide to “What Size Should I Get” and prevent further hair damage by using a scrunchie that cares about your hair’s wellbeing!