What Is Your Hair Type?

What Is Your Hair Type?

Figuring out your hair type

Ever wondered what your hair type is?

First, we want to say, don’t ever think your hair is the problem when different hair products don’t work or it doesn’t look like the hair in magazines. Not all products are meant for everyone which is why we came up with a customizable hair band.  

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It’s important to know what hair type you have because then that will help you make decisions about what products to get that will work for your hair. 

Not only in terms of shampoo and conditioner but elastics too. If you have curly hair and elastics get stuck and rip your hair out, wouldn’t you want a different alternative that works better for your hair?

In this blog post, we'll talk about the different hair types and help you figure out which hair type you have.

No, we’re not experts in hair (we’ll leave that to the hair stylists), but we can tell you where to go.  

Andre Walker, Oprah Winfrey’s hair stylist, curated the hair typing system so you can figure out which hair type you have and what products work best for you.

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This is a link from Silkup that explains what hair types, densities, and thickness means for you and how you can find out.

Here’s a link from Healthline for ideas on how to style your specific hair type.

Your hair type, along with your density, and thickness are the factors that help determine which Strongband is the perfect size for you because each size was made with your hair in mind. 

The Extra Tough is made for very thick, dense, and Type 2-4 hair types.

The Original is made for thin/thick, medium-dense, and 1-4 hair types. 

The Nano Tough is made for thin, not dense, and 1-4 hair types. 

However, each size can be used for other hair types as well. If you like to wear a bun often for workouts and you fall into the original size category, you might want an extra tough to give you that full stability that an original might not. 

If you have very thick and dense hair and you want something not as visible or for everyday use, you can use the original or the nano tough for the ends of your braids. 

To read more about the different types of Strongbands, check out "What Size Should I Get?"

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