The Best Hair Tie For Runners

Curly-haired woman on a run wearing hair tie for runner’s

If you're an avid runner, you probably know the struggle of finding sport pony hair ties. Most hair ties for runners are either not practical, damaging, or give us headaches. If you are a runner and need a new sport pony hair tie, you need to try the best scrunchies, Strongband™ adjustable scrunchies, and here's why!

Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie

We work with many athletes who love traditional scrunchies but don't wear them during workouts as they are not supportive enough. But then came the Strongband™, the best hair tie for runners. An adjustable scrunchie explicitly made with athletes in mind.

Why is the Strongband™ scrunchie the best hair tie for runners? Here's why:

Elevates A Runners Focus

As a runner, you need to keep your mind sharp and focused on the task at hand. Losing focus during a run can also be quite dangerous, risking a fall, crash, rolled ankle, the list could go on. Re-tying a ponytail during a run is one of the top distractions female runners complain about. 

The best hair ties for runners can be hard to find as many just slips and slide out of our hair. Girls with thicker or curlier hair often need to double or even triple up with elastic hair bands to try and secure their hair in place. Re-doing your ponytail is not an option for professional athletes or those competing in essential meets. 

It’s time for a change. No more distracting hairbands! The best hair ties for runners are reliable and robust. 

This is why Strongband™ adjustable scrunchies are the preferred hair tie for runners, helping them keep their focus. Sports and hair is not always an easy-to-navigate combination, but with our adjustable scrunchies, you will never need to fight with your hair tie during a run or workout ever again. 

Our Strongband™ scrunchies come in three different sizes, so every hairstyle, texture, and length has the perfect scrunchie. The best hair ties are the ones you are not constantly re-adjusting or replacing after they snap. Scrunchie vs. hair tie? When it comes to improving a runners focus, Hairstrong's™ adjustable Strongband™ scrunchie wins every time.

Reduces Hair Damage

Runners often deal with damage and breakage right where they tie their hair up. Sports and hair ties are not friends as the elastic is super damaging

An elastic hair tie for runners is damaging due to the elastic cutting right into the hair shaft. The outer layers of hair in your bun or ponytail are essentially getting sliced in half from the hair tie. This causes that dent in our hair after having it tied up with an elastic. It also explains all the baby hairs that we can't seem to grow out.

Hair damage used to be a sacrifice that runners had to make to ensure their hair was secure during their run. But now, with a Strongband™ adjustable hair tie for runners, you can enjoy a secure ponytail without having to worry about damaging your hair. 

The Strongband™ adjustable hair tie for runners is elastic wrapped in fabric. This layer of soft buttery fabric reduces the tension the elastic has on our hair. It acts as a layer of protection. Grow your hair longer, endure less breakage, and control the tightness of the Strongband™ hair ties. Strongband™ scrunchies are also the best at reducing headaches after a run!

woman running with hair scrunchie

The Best Hair Tie For Runners

Scrunchie vs. hair tie? The winner is obvious. Adjustable scrunchies are the best hair ties out there for runners.

Sports and hair can be a challenge for most women. Hairstrong™ is the solution you've been waiting for when it comes to finding the best hair ties for runners. You can choose from Strongband's™ three sizes and a wide selection of colors. You will never have to worry about your hair falling out during a run ever again. Healthier, stronger hair is just a fantastic bonus.

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