The Best Hair Tie For Winter Athletes

The Best Hair Tie For Winter Athletes

This winter is when many of us will be out skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and women know when it comes to sports and hair we will need our hair out of our way with a good hair tie. Strongband adjustable scrunchie hair ties are perfect for those who want a tight or loose fit under a helmet, ear muffs or toque this winter season. You control the strength of the hair tie while eliminating the chance of damaging your hair. Whether you have long hair, thick hair, thin hair or curly hair, these adjustable scrunchies will be your new favourite hair tie for tackling all your sports and hair needs this winter. 

Hairstyles for Hats & Helmets

If you’re a winter athlete you are probably dealing with toques and helmets every day. This means a bun and a ponytail will rarely work. Winter sports and hair take a bit of creativity. Here are some ideas on how to use our Strongband hairbands for athletes and all winter sports lovers!

Braids, Braids, Braids!

Braids are by far the best hairstyle for winter athletes. Braids are a protective hairstyle that requires zero heat. They are also awesome for winter sports as you can take your helmet or toque on and off without messing up your hair too badly.

Brush up your braiding skills in this blog post: How To Wear Your Hair At The Gym.

woman wearing pink scrunchie

The Low Bun or Ponytail

Style one low bun, two low buns, or just a simple low ponytail to show off those long locks. These styles still allow for a helmet or a hat but keep the hair out of the athlete’s face. Pull a couple of strands of hair loose in the front for that effortless look, which also adds a feminine touch. This hairstyle is effortless, looks amazing and won’t damage your hair.

woman wearing purple scrunchie

Why Athletes Choose Strongband

Strongband adjustable scrunchies are a go-to choice when it comes to hairbands for athletes. Those who compete in all different types of sports know the importance of focusing on your craft, and not your hair. Hairstrongs Strongbands are a scrunchie athletes can rely on. Here are some top reasons why winter athletes choose Strongband adjustable scrunchies time and time again:

Our Scrunchies Are Durable And Long-Lasting

You will no longer need to pack around a bunch of hair ties in case one breaks on you. Strongband adjustable scrunchies are made to last with premium, stretchy and silky soft fabric. You will find yourself coming back to purchase additional colours of our adjustable scrunchies, not to replace ones that have broken or stretched out.

Reduces Hair Damage

Sports and hair do not get along, that was until now! Athletes are constantly having their hair tied up for workouts for competing, it is unavoidable. Tying hair up with elastic hair ties causes damage to the hair as the tight elastic is cutting into the hair, causing frizz and breakage. Many athletes have given up on growing out their baby hairs as they just keep coming back. But with a Strongband, adjustable scrunchie sports and hair get along. 

The protective fabric covering the elastic band is protecting the hair from damage, no matter how much you tighten and adjust. The silky-smooth fabric on our hairbands for athletes is perfect for reducing damage when pulling the pony out. 

Grow long, luscious locks way easier than ever before as you are no longer sacrificing your hair for athletic performance. It’s about time hairbands for athletes were perfected.

Reduce Pulling & Headaches

If you have thick hair or curly hair you might have found yourself using 2 or 3 hair ties to secure it. This is not only damaging but painful! The pressure from hair ties kink and breaks the hair while pulling on areas of the scalp. This leaves you with a major headache and a sore scalp after a long day. Scrunchies are already one of the best go-to hair ties to reduce hair damage and headaches, but adjustable scrunchies are the best hairbands for athletes. The perks of a scrunchie and an elastic hair tie all in one.

Whether you’re planning on hitting the slopes, getting out on the ice, or just building snowmen, we have an adjustable scrunchie perfect for you. If you’re unsure which Strongband size is right for you take our 60-second quiz.