Why Scrunchies Are Great For Sports Year-Round

Athlete adjusting her xxl scrunchie strongband scrunchie

As the snowstorms in Ontario, Canada, have been around more than usual this winter, you might be feeling inspired to get back on those skis or skates. Or maybe you avoid the winter cold and enjoy playing indoor soccer or hitting the gym indoors instead. No matter what activity you love as an athlete, you need the best scrunchie amongst athletes by your side to enjoy the sport and not focus on your hair.

What Makes Strongband™️ More Than Just A Hair Tie

Are you sick of using three elastic bands to secure your long or thick hair before a workout? And you’d be lucky if one of them didn’t break or snap on you. Elastics are so unreliable most of us go through a 50 pack like it was nothing. This was when the idea of a Strongband™️ came to life. Some of the reasons athletes swear by their Strongband™️ scrunchies include:

    1. Strong: The elastic used in our Strongband’s™️ is thick, strong, and well-made. You only need one Strongband™️ to secure any hair length and thickness.
    2. Reliable: The Strongband™️ lasts and lasts, holding your hair nice and secure for years to come.
    3. Adjustable: The Strongband™️ has a clip attached to the elastic, allowing you to tighten or loosen the hold.
    4. Reduces damage: The Strongband™️ is a scrunchie, so the fabric coating protects your hair strands from damage often caused by tight elastics.
    5. Customizable: We offer three different sizes of our Strongband™️ scrunchie for different hair textures and lengths, along with a vast array of colours.
    6. Sweat Wicking: Avoid worrying about your sweat and smells with our Strongband™️ fabric made out of sweat-wicking properties. 


female athlete competing wearing a blue scrunchie by hairstrong

Emily Rolfe competed at Wodapalooza in Miami, Florida wearing a blue Hairstrong™️ scrunchie

Are you looking for hairstyle inspiration for your next workout with Hairstrong’s™ Strongband™? Check out our recent blog: 5 Different Ways To Style An Adjustable Scrunchie Hair Tie.

Emily Rolfe competed at Wodapalooza in Miami, Florida wearing a blue Hairstrong™️ scrunchie

Avoid Injury With The Best Scrunchies!

We have all seen athletes adjusting their hair during a marathon, soccer game, spin class and more. This is super dangerous as it breaks the athlete’s concentration. This break in focus causes injuries, crashes, and often a bruised ego. Imagine doing three backflips across the gym floor, only to have your hair flying into your eyes at the worst possible time. If you can’t spot your landing, you are at a major risk of a serious injury.

With the adjustable technology of Hairstrong’s™️ best scrunchies, athletes just need one great hair tie to secure their hair and focus on the sport. They can tighten or loosen the hair tie as they please and can rest assured their hair is not going anywhere! Sports and hair no longer have to be enemies.

Winter Sports and Summer Sports 

Surely, many Canadians have all been inspired by the 2022 Canadian winter athletes competing on the world stage this year. Watching professional athletes’ dedication and passion has sparked a fire under many Canadian athletes to push even harder in their sport and daily training. If you’re an athlete and have been inspired, then you will need the best scrunchie and athletic gear to help support you.

Sweat, Get Wet, and Face The Elements 

If you love summer sports like running, swimming, and hiking, you will need a hair tie that can handle the elements. The Strongband™️ can withstand anything you throw at it and anything Mother Nature throws at you. The Strongband™️ material will not become damaged by water, mud or UV rays. It is a trusted partner for when you’re out camping and hiking for days or swimming in the community pool. If it gets dirty, you can throw it right in the wash!

athletic women in pink gym clothes running on the beach

Being able to wash the Strongband™️ scrunchie without worry of losing its shape or durability, really comes in handy for all the athletes who love participating in triathlons, working out on the beach, paddle boarding on the water and summer spots alike. A little mud never bothered an athlete, and it won’t bother your scrunchie either!

If you’re more of a winter sport junky, the Strongband™️ will also come in handy for your chosen winter sport. Whether you’re zooming down black diamond runs, skating on frozen lakes, or having a fun time tobogganing with friends, the Strongband™️ is the perfect companion to stay secure under any winter hats, helmets and ear muffs. 

If you’re often wearing a helmet, we suggest trying our Nano Tough Strongband™️ to secure the ends of your braids or low buns. They aren’t bulky hair tires, yet still providing all the strength, reliability and hair protection you need with the adjustable hair band.

Nano Tough Strongband™: The Nano is our less bulky Strongband™, perfect for thin and fine hair. The Nano uses a slightly smaller elastic and less fabric. The Nano is also great for when you need hair ties to secure the ends of braids or a half-up hairstyle. 

Original Strongband™: The Original can be used and enjoyed by all hair types. If you’re buying someone a Strongband™ as a gift, this is always a safe choice. Thin-haired and thick-haired women can confidently use this hair tie for all their sports and hair needs.

Extra Tough Strongband™: The Extra Tough Strongband™ is our XXL scrunchie. It is made for very thick hair and super curly hair. It can fit around those massive buns and hold a massive amount of long, glorious hair. Women with thick hair are often shocked at how well the Strongband™ secures their hair.

Did We Mention The Strongband™️ Sweat-Wicking Properties? 

Sports and hair never went together so well before now with the best scrunchie for athletes also being sweat wicking. The sweat-resistant material used in our Hairstrong™️ fabric is an excellent option for indoor or outdoor athletes who are constantly out in the sun working up a sweat inside. Sweat will not affect your strongband, and the fabric won’t gather up a stink quickly like other workout gear. 

Of course, when it gets time, and you want to freshen it up, simply toss your Strongband™️ scrunchie into the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and have no worry that the colour, durability and resistance of your scrunchie will stay perfectly intact. 

Sports And Hair Scrunchies - Which Fit Is Best?

We have three different sizes of Strongband™ scrunchies, for various types of hair lengths and textures. We did this because not every athlete is the same, and your hair tie doesn’t have to be either. While some might need a smaller hair tie, others might require an XXL scrunchie. No matter your hair type, a Strongband™ hair tie is made with your specific hair in mind and a unique adjustable elastic to tailor to your hair needs. 

Strongbang Scrunchie in 4 beautiful colours

No matter what type of athlete you are, you need equipment that you can rely on. This includes the clothes on your body, shoes on your feet, and the hair tie in your hair. Sports and hair no longer have to be at odds. Enjoy having long, short, curly, straight, thin or thick, damage-free hair as an athlete while having the ability to tie it back securely. The Strongband™ gives female athletes their hair freedom back!

Ready to find your perfect Hairstrong™️ Strongband™️? Check out our hair quiz that helps you find the Strongband™️ that fits your hair best.