Difference Between Long, Curly and Coily Hair

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It’s time that every hair type received equal love! Long, wavy, straight, curly or coily, all hair types are beautiful. Coily hair actually falls under a hair type, but we’ll go into detail about that soon. Let’s be honest, some hair types are definitely harder to maintain and control than others! And then there comes damage control. How do you prevent split ends, or minimize hair breakage? Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of damage control and the difference between each hair type for women!

What's the Difference Between Coily Hair and Curly Hair?

Long Curly Hair

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Let’s learn more about your hair type 3! 

Celebrities and athletes with curly hair include Alicia Keys, Caeli McKay, Ariana Grande, Kia Nurse, Jillian Weir, Taylor Swift, Yara Shahidi, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Elaine Welteroth, Serena Williams, and Abi Oyeptian to name a few

Type 3A is similar to type 4A below, but with less volume. Curls loosely fall within an S-shape. 

Type 3B has more volume than type 3A’s S-shape curls, and some women have loosely spiral curls versus the S-shape curls. (both types qualify as 3B)

Type 3C you have the tightest curls of the bunch! Your hair is dense, thick and has a tendency to get dry, so stay posted for damage control tips below! 

Long Coily Hair

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Some women refer to coily hair as kinky textured hair, and naturally coily hair is dry, so it needs an extra special damage control routine! We’ll explain later! 

Celebrities and athletes with coily hair include Viola Davis, Jennifer Abel, Zendaya, Mariah Carey, Simone Biles, Issa Rae, Lupita Nyong'o, Khamica Bingham, Shakira, Crystal Emmanuel, Solange Knowles, and Gabrielle Union-Wade.

If your hair is type 4 then you are coily hair my dear! 

Type 4A has S-shape strands that are small, springy and dense! 

Type 4B has Z-shape strands. Your hair is densely packed together and tends to bend at sharp angles. 

Type 4C, think type 4B, but with tighter coils, finer and a similar texture to the Z-shaped strands. 

Daily Damage Control 

Every coily and curly haired woman knows that taming the mane is the name of the game! So how do you keep your mane in fabulous condition?

Tip #1 : Swap regular pillow cases for silk pillows

It’s time to sleep like the queen that you are! Swap your polyester pillow cases for silk pillows! Silk pillows cause the least amount of damage to your hair and prevent breakage, and spilt ends. 

Tip #2 Hairstyling products that won’t break your hair

As we mentioned above, coily hair is fragile, dry, and damages easily, so it needs extra TLC! Hydrating your hair with coily and curly hair specific products will give your mane the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and shiny. Many females choose to use leave-in conditioners to keep the frizz under control. 

Tip #3: Hydration

Hydrate your mane and your body! If you’re looking for glossy, frizz-free hair, it’s time to fill up your water bottle and hydrate! Your hair cells need water to work and keep your hair healthy and growing. 

Tip #4: Find a hairdresser experienced in curly and coily hair

Ok, so actually finding a hair stylist who specializes in textured curly or coily hair can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but once you find your unicorn you need to stay loyal! They will understand how to cut textured hair, style it, part it, and give you advice to take care of your gorgeous locks, detangle your curls and keep your curls looking luscious and full.  

Tip 5: Frizz-Control Serum 

 Humidity gets the best of us, but us curly haired gals, we get it the worst! Can you say poodle on a bad hair day!! Yes your curls are voluminous and long, but when the summer weather hits the ongoing battle to beat the frizz! Finding a frizz-control serum will help keep your curls from fraying and minimize the poofiness that comes along with the summer heat. Or like we suggested above, a fantastic leave-in hair condition works wonders too! 

How Hairstrong Can Prevent Damage To The Curls/Coils

One definite way to prevent damage to your luscious locks is by using scrunchies that don’t tear your hair like regular elastics do! When you use the adjustable Original Strongband or the Extra Tough Strongband  you only need to loop the band around your ponytail or bun once, then tighten and adjust the clasp to fit into place.  

There is no need to loop a hair tie around and around. With the Extra Tough Strongband or the Original Strongband you don’t have to overstretch the band to fit around your hair. It was made for driven ambitious women like you! We know you are a no-nonsense kind of woman and want to get your tasks done efficiently! That means while working out or on-the-go, your curly hair will stay in place, and you can move at the fast pace you're used to without constantly readjusting your hair! 

Let's recap! Coily is a type of curly hair! They fall under type 3 and 4 on the hair spectrum.  In order to prevent damage for your luscious locks we suggest sleeping like a queen on a silk pillow, getting your haircut by a stylist trained in textured hair, and hydrating! 

Never feel ashamed to let your curly locks down! Wear your hair half-up and half-down, and use a Nano Tough Strongband to tie your hair up! If you’re truly a determined woman on the go, find the Strongband that suits your needs and put your hair up because you mean business!