Easy at-home workouts to do on your lunch break (with no equipment needed)

Working from home has some of its benefits, like squeezing in a quick workout during your lunch break! 20 minutes is all you need to boost your heart rate and feel great for the rest of the day.

Working out during your lunch break can increase your energy and make you more productive for the rest of the work day! Use the 10 remaining minutes of your lunch break to squeeze in a quick bite, cool down and refresh for work.

This workout will only be as hard as you make it, so put your best foot forward and go all out if you really want to sweat.

Warning: You will sweat! Grab your Hairstrong band for the perfect fit so you wouldn’t have to worry about your hair getting in the way. Hairstrong’s nylon/spandex mix fabric is also ideal for handling sweat and movement.

Try these steps below and perform each workout move for 2 minutes with 30 second breaks in between each exercise. Repeat the routine for however long your lunch break is but don’t forget the 10 minute cool down after the workout!

1. Bodyweight squats - 2 minutes

how to do a bodyweight squat

● Start standing with feet just slightly wider than hip-width apart.

● Sit your butt back with your butt parallel to the ground. Make sure your weight is in the middle of your foot, and keep your chest up.

If you're unable to squat where your butt is parallel to the ground, try to squat as low as you can go, or squat up and down from a sturdy surface, like a chair. To make this harder, add some weight in your hands for extra resistance.

Rest for 30 seconds

2. Push Ups - 2 minutes

How to do a pushup

● Start in high plank with your hands about shoulder-width apart.

● Bend your arms keeping your elbows towards your body, not outwards. Focusing on moving your whole body down in one line until your chest touches the ground (not letting the hips touch the ground first)

● Push back up to a plank.

If you cannot do a full push-up, you can make this easier by going on your knees, or doing the push-ups on an elevated surface. You can also make this harder by putting your hands closer together

Rest for 30 seconds

3. Planks with T rotations - 1 minute with each arm with 30 second breaks between sides

plank with t-rotations

● Start in high plank with your feet hip-distance apart.

● Now rotate your entire body to the right into a side plank with your left shoulder above your left wrist.

● Extend your right arm to the ceiling and continue to drive your hips up.

● Return your right arm down to high plank.

You can make this movement easier by starting from your knees instead of your feet. You can also make this harder by adding a dumbbell or weights into your hands for extra resistance.

Rest for 30 seconds

4. Standing oblique crunches - 2 minutes

standing oblique crunches

● Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hands behind your head and elbows wide.

● Lift your left knee toward your left elbow while you bend your torso up and over to the left.

● Bring your left foot back to standing and repeat on the other side, lifting your right knee towards your right elbow.

Repeat this whole workout for however long your break is minus 10 minutes to rest and eat!