The Best Hair Tie For Tennis Players

Rebecca Marino Playing Tennis.Woman holding a tennis racket with Hairstrong scrunchie holding hair up in pony braid

This year, you will see a new trend with Tennis players. Hairstrong brings a functional twist to keeping your hair up, so you can confidently play your first serve to your last without having to readjust it. Tennis players know how important it is to have apparel that moves with them, and now their hair game can match that too.

Women know that when it comes to tennis, we need our hair out of the way with a reliable hair tie. Whether you have long hair, thick hair, thin hair, or curly hair, these adjustable scrunchies will be your new favorite hair accessory keeping your hair up for any stroke you bring to the court.

Hairstyles for Tennis 

featuring the amazing Rebecca Marino and Bianca Andreescu from Team Canada.

Whether you're playing for 90 minutes or 3 hours, your mind should be occupied with your performance, not wondering when your fly-aways will start getting in your way.

Here are some popular hairstyles that fellow Canadians Rebecca Marino and Bianca Andrescu do for their matches.

Ponytail braid

Rebecca Marino Tennis Player with a Pony Braid using Hairstrong scrunchie and holding a tennis racquet with both hands on tennis court

The ponytail braid is a favorite because it’s super quick and it keeps your hair off your neck while you sweat (even better, keeps it away from getting stuck in your armpits, if you know, you know). You can even customize this style with bubble braids.

Brush up your braiding skills in this blog post: How To Wear Your Hair At The Gym.


Rebecca Marino with a ponytail using Hairstrong adjustable scrunchie while serving an ace in tennis match

The ponytail takes approximately 10 seconds to put up and is one of the most simple hairstyles that keeps hair away from your face. With one-size products, you might notice a sag or your hair tie slowly falling out, Hairstrong prevents that from happening with a tightening mechanism that you control.


Rebecca Marino wearing a pink Hairstrong adjustable scrunchie with her hair in a bun while playing a tennis match

We know it sounds wild “a bun could never stay up for a whole match for me, it’s not possible”. We know, we were skeptical at first too, but when you’ve found an adjustable scrunchie that you can tighten to be secure and not tight, you’ll change your mind.

When playing Tennis, you most likely do have matches that are outside or that will force you to sweat a lot, which means you’ll need a hat. Hairstrong can be worn with your visor for an optimal, out of face out of mind type duo.


Half Bun

Bianca Andrescu high fiving Leylah Fernandez while her hair is in a half bun with hairstrong adjustable scrunchie

Sometimes a certain type of finesse is needed to put up all your hair in a bun that won't come out, or maybe you just don't like your hair in a full bun, that's where a half bun can come into play too. Bianca's epic half-bun hairstyle can also be made fall-proof with Hairstrong's tightening mechanism.  

 **All pictures used were from the Instagram accounts of: Rebecca Marino, Bianca Andreescu, and Tennis Canada.

Why Athletes Choose Strongband

Strongband adjustable scrunchies are a go-to choice when it comes to hairbands for athletes. Those who compete in all different types of sports know the importance of focusing on your craft, and not your hair. Hairstrongs Strongbands are a scrunchie athletes can rely on. Here are some top reasons why winter athletes choose Strongband adjustable scrunchies time and time again:

Our Scrunchies Are Durable And Long-Lasting

You will no longer need to pack around a bunch of hair ties in case one breaks on you. Strongband adjustable scrunchies are made to last with premium, stretchy and silky soft fabric. You will find yourself coming back to purchase additional colours of our adjustable scrunchies, not to replace ones that have broken or stretched out.

Helps you stay focused

Everyone with long hair deserves the peace of mind of moving around without having to worry about their hair getting in the way. With Hairstrong the thoughts are no longer "I hope this stays up longer this time" and "I hope this doesn't snap" to "wow I don't even feel it" and "where was this when I was younger".

Not having hair being a worry helps narrow down your focus on your training, your goals, and your performance.

Reduces Hair Damage

Sports and hair do not get along, that was until now! Athletes are constantly having their hair tied up for workouts for competing, it is unavoidable. Tying hair up with elastic hair ties causes damage to the hair as the tight elastic is cutting into the hair, causing frizz and breakage. Many athletes have given up on growing out their baby hairs as they just keep coming back. But with a Strongband, adjustable scrunchie sports and hair get along. 

The protective fabric covering the elastic band is protecting the hair from damage, no matter how much you tighten and adjust. The silky-smooth fabric on our hairbands for athletes is perfect for reducing damage when pulling the pony out. 

Grow long, luscious locks way easier than ever before as you are no longer sacrificing your hair for athletic performance. It’s about time hairbands for athletes were perfected.

Reduce Hair Pulling & Headaches

If you have thick hair or curly hair you might have found yourself using 2 or 3 hair ties to secure it. This is not only damaging but painful! The pressure from hair ties kink and breaks the hair while pulling on areas of the scalp. This leaves you with a major headache and a sore scalp after a long day. Scrunchies are already one of the best go-to hair ties to reduce hair damage and headaches, but adjustable scrunchies are the best hairbands for athletes. The perks of a scrunchie and an elastic hair tie all in one.

Whether you’re planning on hitting the slopes, getting out on the ice, or just building snowmen, we have an adjustable scrunchie perfect for you. If you’re unsure which Strongband size is right for you take our 60-second quiz.