The Best Adjustable Hair Tie For CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit athlete using an adjustable hair tie.

Staying focused is vital to how well a CrossFit athlete does in a competition or a workout in general, and using an adjustable hair tie for workouts could be the best solution. The last thing you need is your hair falling loose during a deadlift or a CrossFit competition like the Crossfit Games. It can break an athlete's concentration and be super dangerous if your hair is in the way of your eyesight.

Avoid Injury & Keep Your Focus 

There have only been a few athletic hairband options when it comes to sports and hair. These options include damaging elastic hair ties and loose-fitting scrunchies that are not supportive. Athletes with long hair have been dealing with these subpar options for decades, which is why we invented the ultimate hair scrunchie for athletes. 

Strongband™️ scrunchies are the best athletic hairband for CrossFit athletes, runners, dancers, basically anyone who likes to move their body!

As a CrossFit athlete, you will participate in many different activities and movements like the Ring Push-Up, Kipping Handstand Push Up, Rope Climbs, and soooo many more. The one thing all these various CrossFit movements have in common is that they require your full attention. CrossFit entails heavyweights, fast running, jumping, swinging, swimming, etc. So it would help if you had a reliable athletic hairband to secure your hair in place. 

Since the Strongband™️ is a scrunchie, you might wonder how it will support your hair throughout all of these CrossFit movements? It is because the Strongband™️ hair scrunchie is an adjustable hair tie. You can tighten the scrunchie to ensure it stays in all day, no matter what activities you are participating in.

The popular CrossFit athlete Emily Rolfe recently competed wearing a pink Strongband™️ adjustable scrunchie. 

athletes wearing hair scrunchie

Having your hair come loose during any CrossFit movement puts your body in danger as you might lose concentration. The Strongband™️ hair scrunchie is here to make sure that doesn't happen! Keep your focus, and stay safe with the Strongband™️ hair scrunchies, the perfect athletic hairband.

CrossFit Hairstyles 

If you're a CrossFit athlete, you need a reliable hairstyle. You need to ensure your hair is out of your face, eyes, mouth and not getting caught up in cables, ropes and other athletic equipment, including other athletes! These are some of our recommendations for workout friendly hairstyles for CrossFit Athletes:


Braids are the perfect hairstyle for CrossFit athletes because they are very tight and secure. There are also so many different variations and styles you can choose from with braids. French braids, dutch braids, and traditional braids work perfectly for an athlete. An adjustable hair tie makes securing braids a breeze.

woman showing her pony tail

Our Nano Tough Strongband's™️ are great to use at the end of braids since they are less bulky. Or, if you're doing a low bun with a braid, you might opt for our XXL scrunchie, the Extra Tough Strongband™️, to tighten that bun and braid to secure the hair. 


A scrunchie bun is one of CrossFit athletes' most popular hairstyle choices. A messy bun scrunchie hairstyle is both trendy, cute, and reliable. You can easily take the Strongband™️ hair scrunchie in and out of your hair with ripping and breaking the hair, then whip it back up into a messy bun in 2 seconds. Adjust the messy bun scrunchie tight around the hair, and you will be ready for that 'Murph' or 'Gunny' workout.

athletes in stadium with hair scrunchie

Adjustable Hair Ties For CrossFit Athletes

Getting into CrossFit workouts as a beginner can be intimidating, and the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. Hairstrong™ scrunchies will help you look and feel your best stepping out of your comfort zone and to focus on your form and routine instead. Plus, they come in a lot of fun and unique colours!

Shop Hairstrong's™ collection of Strongband™ adjustable hair ties today:

Unsure which scrunchie size is right for you? Check out our What Size Should I Get FAQ page.