Is A Hair Clip Better Than A Hair Tie For Home Workouts?

Three adjustable hair ties.

Home workouts have become quite the norm in a pandemic era, and you might be wondering if a hair clip is better than a hair tie when working out in the comfort of your home? This post will discuss the benefits of Hairstrong's™️ Strongband™️ adjustable hair ties for both your hair and sports needs. No matter whether you’re a training athlete, gym-goer, or getting in some at home workouts. 

Why Strongband™️ Adjustable Scrunchies Work 

Everyone with long hair has dealt with their hair falling out and becoming loose during a workout. It was so typical that many of us accepted that sports and hair did not mix and that there was no other way. That was, until the Strongband™️! 

The Strongband™️ Canada scrunchie is an adjustable hair tie that allows you to securely tie your hair up for enjoying an excellent, distraction-free, home workout. But, is a hair clip better than a hair tie? We say yes. 

Durability: Strongband™️ scrunchies can handle anything you throw at them. The elastic used is strong enough to last you years without replacing it. The fabric is also highly durable, allowing you to stretch and pull to your heart's content.

Hair elastics snap and break after a couple uses and wraps around your hair (which is why they are sold in packs of 100…). Hair clips are also fragile as they get stepped on and snap so easily if you have thick hair and put too much pressure into the clip. A hair clip or traditional hair tie barely lasts you six months, let alone years and years. This is why Strongband™️ scrunchies are the preferred choice by athletes and women in general. Strongband™️ adjustable scrunchie hair ties are made to last, and allow all hair thickness and textures to adjust the tightness level to your unique comfort. 

Adjustability: While many women love using scrunchies and hair clips for a soft hold on their hair, these hair accessories are never strong enough during a home workout, training session, or even yoga. This is why we combined the scrunchie and adjustable hair tie to create the perfect athletic hair accessory. Adjust it to be as tight or loose as you want. Never worry about your hair falling out or becoming loose during your workout ever again!

Less Damaging: Many don't realize just how bad regular hair ties are for the health of their hair. They are constantly pulling and ripping at hair. Hair clips can have a similarly damaging effect by breaking and tearing the hair to secure the hold. This causes breakage near the root of the hair. This damage compromises the overall health of the hair strands. This is why many athletes experience issues with baby hairs, length and thickness. 

The fabric covering the elastic on a Strongband™️ scrunchie hair tie helps to protect the hair shaft. The material will glide in and out of the hair, not pulling or ripping any hair out. Stop damaging your hair while still having the freedom of tying your hair up.

So, is a hair clip better than a hair tie? Strongband™️ adjustable hair ties are the clear answer. Ditch damage and unreliable hair accessories and enjoy exercise without ever having to think about your hair again. 

You're New Go-To Athletic Hair Tie

No matter your hair type, texture, length or thickness, there is a Strongband™️ for you. Sports and hair accessories no longer have a rough and rocky relationship. Strongband™️ hair ties are an athlete's new best friend. Our three Strongband™️ hair bands include:

  • Nano Tough Strongband™️ for thin, fine hair.
  • Original Strongband™️ for all hair types.
  • Extra Tough Strongband™️ for thick hair.

These three sizes allow everyone to customize their hair ties to be the perfect match for their unique head of hair. Hairstrong™️ offers so many colours of the Strongband™️ adjustable scrunchie to choose from. From bright colours to neutrals, there is a Strongband™️ for everyone's taste and aesthetic.

We believe female athletes should no longer sacrifice concentration and their hairs integrity during their workouts. Hairstrong™️ aims to offer women freedom from their hair and allow them to mix sports and hair as they have never been able to before. Ensure the health and integrity of your hair while having it tight and tied back. 

Shop Strongband™️ adjustable hair ties today and join thousands of women across North America! Once you go Strongband™,️ you never go back.